Postcard Marketing Group to Take Advantage of the New National Do Not Call List

Direct Mail became a bit more popular now that the Do Not Call List took effect September 30th. Postcard Marketing Group is looking to advantage from this new law and emerge as a postcard marketing and direct mail leader.

Thunder Bay, Canada, December 21, 2008 --( Postcard Marketing Group aims to emerge to off direct marketing from your desktop and track your ROI. September 30th 2008 was a day to mark on the Calender for many telemarketing companies across the country. That was the day that the National Do Not Call List (DNCL) took effect.

Canada trailed 5 years in implementing but will now relief many irritated customers. This also represents an opportunity in a shift of marketing money from telemarketing to direct mail.

The US saw a shift of 30% of the 2 Billion spent in Telemarketing Shift to Direct Mail. Businesses that previously used telemarketing still need to attract customers and almost half of a survey suggested direct mail as the source.

Key facts about direct mail is that 49% of Canadians prefer mail from companies they are currently doing business with and 63% read their mail at their first chance possible.

Postcard Marketing Group which powers see this as a huge opportunity to test and implement direct mail as a marketing medium. Postcard Marketing Group sees Postcard Marketing as a powerful way to get connected with customers for a few reasons that make sense for companies to adopt.

Postcards Get Read

Affordable – Postcards are cheap and Canada Post's Unaddressed admail or bulk addressed ad-mail makes it an affordable method for small or large businesses

Postcards Make a Good First Impression

Postcards Work for Any Business - Including Yours

Postcards Produce Fast Results

Postcards Make a Good First Impression

The Value of “The Mail Moment”
• Mail Provides a Positive Experience:
o 59% Find that looking at their mail is a
positive experience in their day
o 57% Look forward to what’s in the
o 53% Say receiving mail is a real pleasure
• Mail is the Best Way to Communicate:
o 84% Believe that a letter seems more
official than an email
o 78% Agree that mail is a great way for
companies to communicate with me
o 74% Feel that Mail is the best way to
receive and send important information
o 72% Say that mail is more private than
online helps small and medium size businesses to impliment postcard marketing more effectively, right from their desktop. Direct Mail Campaigns can be created in under 10 minutes with your free account and is simple to create professional looking pieces.

“Small to Medium size business owners can now compete with those large companies that have full time marketing departments. Our new self directed web-site allows the small business to obtain the knowledge, affordable solutions, and direct mail tools to market themselves in a matter of minutes. “ says Travis Batting, CEO of Postcard Marketing Group “Technology has now allowed us to provide tools such as Variable Data Printing and Personalized URL's where prior they were only affordable for large companies. Our free marketing analytic tools on our web-site allow companies to measure the ROI on their marketing, which even many large organizations don't know or do. This gives us small companies a definite edge.”

Travis Batting Added “Business is competitive these days with large multi million dollar companies eating a lot of market share. It's our job to help small & medium businesses stand out in the mailbox! We know that our products are not only the very best available but also that we listen to our customers. As a result, we will continue to refine our products and services to meet their needs now and in the future."

About Postcard Marketing Group - Postcard Marketing Group powers which is your own free self directed portal to help you create and print high quality direct mail campaigns while offering services and tools to make marketing convenient and affordable for everyone.


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