Questar Reveals Newly Upgraded Action Site Application

Questar has released an upgraded Action Site to the existing survey portal system. This is an essential tool for any company engaging in survey research with subsequent efforts to improve overall company profitability. The tool allows users to not only survey employees, but to also ensure that action is being taken based on survey results.

Minneapolis, MN, November 12, 2008 --( In an ongoing effort to optimize organizational research capabilities, Questar’s Organizational Insights Group has made notable improvements to their online Action Planning tool. The tool allows users to act upon survey results by creating plans for the continual improvement of their organization. The Action Planning tool is available for both 360°Feedback and Employee Engagement surveys.

Clients can now have access to the Super User Dashboard feature. This will allow super users of the portal to track plans, users and actions. It will also allow them to monitor the number of logins to the site, how many actions are being added, and the most commonly used actions and measures. The tool is essential for organizations looking to closely monitor their ROI from research initiatives. It will ensure that department heads are doing their part to improve company process and procedure.

Other improvements to the site include advanced search options, designation of proxy users, and the capability to assign specific reports. By designating proxy users, managers can assign a temporary user to control account details and action plans if they are going to be unavailable for some time. Super users can also assign roles to determine which users can receive reports and approve plans.

Each of these new features will allow leaders of organizational development initiatives to more effectively implement and measure the improvement strategies specific to their company. Director of Consulting Services for Questar/OIG, Anna Erickson, offers her insight on the new release. “Over the years, we’ve seen so many companies struggle with what happens after the reports are delivered, and a half hearted follow-up process usually does more harm than good. Because of this, we are very comprehensive in our support for sustainable change. All of our tools are designed to be impactful, yet easy to use. The enhancements to our Action Planning tool make it even more effective in ensuring those on the front lines are able to use their survey results to drive change.”

Liz Giel
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