Hartleys Farm Foods Adopts Radical Sanitising System

West Midlands, United Kingdom, November 13, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Hartleys Farm Foods has installed the revolutionary new Radical advanced sanitising system in its production facility in Nelson, Lancashire.

The Radical system uses advanced oxidising technology to ensure the company’s food preparation facility is completely sanitized and free from potentially harmful contaminants each day before any production begins.

The Radical sanitising equipment controls the production of ozone which comprehensively sanitises the whole facility ensuring all harmful contaminants are destroyed without leaving any potentially harmful chemical residuals.

Hartley’s also use the Radical ozonated water system which effectively kills bacteria, viruses, parasites and moulds when used as a sanitising wash down on contact surfaces and equipment.

Michael Hartley from Hartleys Farm Foods said: “It is vital that we take every step necessary to ensure our facilities are sanitized to the very highest standards currently available.

“The Radical system is clearly the most advanced sanitizing system available today.

“Hygiene is extremely important to everyone in the food production industry and we are diligent in ensuring that our sanitising regime is both highly effective and extremely robust. The Radical sanitising system provides the peace of mind that our sanitising system is the very best available”.

Peter Townley, managing director of Radical commented: “As the food industry increasingly limits the use of aggressive sanitising chemicals, particularly those based on chlorine, food manufacturers have a progressively more pressing need to find effective alternative processes to enhance their bio-security”.

“Hartleys Farm Foods has recognised the need to stay ahead of its rivals in this competitive sector of the food market and has sought out the most effective solution that fits in easily with their intensive work practices.”

The full Radical range consists of four main product categories (room sanitising, surface sanitising, produce decontamination and odour control) that offer an answer to many of the challenges faced by hygiene managers in the modern food production industry.

To find out more about the Radical range of sanitising equipment, to discuss how the range can improve hygiene routine efficiency or to see how Radical can eradicate a persistent problem visit www.radical.gb.com or call 01386 751800.

Tom Grocott
01386 751800