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Wall Street Abuse has come to a pinnacle over the last couple of Months due to Securities Fraud. StockLossSettlement.com was created by DrugSettlement.com, LLC to alleviate the fears of the public in respect to the publics need for legal council.

Hauppauge, NY, November 13, 2008 --(PR.com)-- It’s time to fight back.

StockLossSettlement.com has been created by DrugSettlement.com, LLC for the public's knowledge found below:

Securities fraud costs investors an estimated $40 billion dollars each year.

Americans have been shocked by Washington's bailout of Wall Street.

If you suspect that your losses were not solely the result of a slowing economy but may have been caused by broker misconduct or securities fraud, you may be right. If you have suffered losses in your stock market account, 401(k), and/or IRA you may be able to recover all or part of those losses.

Most people will not know they have been the victims of securities fraud until their losses become significant.

Stock Brokers, Fund managers and Mutual Fund Managers and other financial advisors have a fiduciary responsibility to inform their clients of all of the risks involved in securities transactions. When they neglect their financial fiduciary responsibilities, our securities fraud lawyers will hold them accountable and make sure that defrauded investors have the Right to recover their investments.

Securities fraud, also known as stock fraud and investment fraud, is a practice in which investors make purchase or sale decisions on the basis of false information, frequently resulting in losses, in violation of the securities laws.

Securities fraud consists of deceptive practices in the stock and commodity markets, and occurs when investors are enticed to part with their money based on untrue statements.

Securities fraud includes outright theft from investors and misstatements on a public company's financial reports. The term also encompasses a wide range of other actions, including insider trading and front-running and other illegal acts on the trading floor of a stock or commodity exchange.

According to the FBI, securities fraud includes false information on a company's financial statement and Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filings; lying to corporate auditors; insider trading; stock manipulation schemes, and embezzlement by stockbrokers.

If you feel you’ve been the victim of securities Fraud or lost money in the Stock Market due to Fraud, please contact their experienced Lawyers at 1-866-584-6932 or visit them at www.StockLossSettlement.com

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