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Virtual Seminar Service Taps H.M. Cragg Co. for UPS Backup Power Solution – Reduces Footprint, Increases Functionality

H.M. Cragg Co. enables KRM Services, Inc. to increase UPS backup power capacity, while decreasing battery testing time and costs.

Minneapolis, MN, June 02, 2006 --(PR.com)-- www.hmcragg.com – H.M. Cragg Co., a premier MN-based provider of quality power solutions including Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) fuel cells and Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS), today announced its role in helping KRM Information Services, Inc. implement a complete Uninterruptible Power System solution.

KRM is the leading provider of virtual seminars, events and briefings that leverage technology to communicate messages to clients’ members, employees, prospects and customers.

As KRM outgrew its 295 square foot server storage area, the need for a combined power solution was quickly realized.  KRM’s continued expansion demanded backup power supplies that could reduce the amount of space occupied by current back-up power solutions while still allowing for future flexibility.

“H.M. Cragg Co. was able to recommend a UPS system solution that addressed and exceeded our backup power needs at a price point that can’t be matched,” said Jerry Price CIO at KRM. “To top it off, H.M. Cragg Co. employs the most knowledgeable sales representatives who walk you through every step of the purchase and installation process.”

The following problems faced by KRM were overcome with H.M. Cragg Co.’s quality power solutions:
     -Limited space in the server room
     -Growing number of servers and single-device UPS
     -Lengthy testing processes for UPS batteries in many smaller UPS units

H.M. Cragg Co. was able to decrease KRM’s UPS backup power footprint by providing the Powerware 9355 UPS.  The 9355 UPS is designed specifically for expanding loads with shrinking space and provides one of the highest usable power factors on the market (.9PF). 

Battery testing time was significantly reduced for KRM.  No longer were they required to test each individual battery by opening the small UPS cases and sliding each one out.  With the Powerware 9355 from H.M. Cragg Co. KRM was able to reduce both time and costs associated with battery testing.

Due to its On-Line Double Conversion topology, the Powerware 9355 UPS also protects against the 9 most common power problems:
     -Power failure                                        
     -Power sags
     -Power surges
     -Under voltage
     -Over voltage
     -Electrical line noise
     -Frequency variation
     -Switching transients
     -Harmonic distortion

Request the KRM Information Services and H.M. Cragg Co. Success story at www.hmcragg.com/krm.html.

About KRM Information Services, Inc.
KRM’s virtual event services are built upon the strength of their background in traditional event management before becoming a turnkey provider of real-time, interactive virtual seminars in 1994.

Since then, KRM has produced over 3,500 virtual events reaching over 250,000 sites.  To learn more about the only virtual event service provider to have brought about a convergence of event management expertise with the technological know-how, please visit www.krm.com.

About H.M. Cragg Co.
H.M. Cragg Co. is a premier MN-based provider of quality power solutions including Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) fuel cells and Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS).  Products include Rittal Computer Racks and Enclosures, Anderson Connectors, C & D Technologies, Inc. batteries, Eaton Powerware UPS systems and UPS batteries.  We offer a full line of UPS products, battery inspection services, surge protection and free sizing audits.  Visit www.hmcragg.com.

H.M. Cragg Co.
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