New Way to Beat the Bad Economy with Seasonal Jobs

Free Job Postings Site Helps Employers and Job Seekers.

West End, United Kingdom, November 14, 2008 --( Finding employees or seasonal jobs in the UK may be difficult in the extreme economic circumstances of today. Employers find that they need to reduce expenses and job seekers need employment and a way to find it without causing further damage to their already dwindling resources. There is now a free job postings site aimed at seasonal and contract jobs in the UK called

The webmasters at WorkingAway say, “We feel that the online recruitment market was lacking a free dedicated seasonal worker site that is easy to use for both the recruiter and the jobseeker. Many people search the internet to find live-in jobs and jobs with accommodation, but lacked the resources to do so. We have now provided what was missing”.

Due to the present reduction in consumer spending, seasonal jobs are expected to be harder to locate this year. This means less opportunity for seekers of seasonal jobs. As well, with the downturn in the economy, employers are looking for a way to trim some of the excess out of their budgets. Using an online, free job postings site can aid both the job seeker and employer.

‘Unemployment numbers in the UK were 5.7% in October, which was an increase from last year’, according to the labor force survey (LFS).

For job seekers it’s important to start your seasonal job search early. Using an online, free site like WorkingAway can give one an edge in the bad economy with features like:

• One click job applying
• Online CV creation
• Uploaded document management
• Apply online to jobs on the website and contact employers directly
• Share jobs with friends

The advantages for employers of a free online job postings site are as follows:

• Instant job postings
• Unlimited job postings
• CV searching
• Applications direct to your inbox
• Nothing to budget for advertising to fill positions

The slowdown in the economy, high fuel costs and businesses having to cut back has changed the marketplace. Job seekers looking for seasonal work need a cost effective way of searching for positions and gaining an edge over completion. Employers seeking to fill seasonal positions need a time effective, as well as cost efficient way to do so. A free job postings site like WorkingAway, that offers UK hotel jobs, summer jobs, kitchen jobs, chef jobs, etc, is smart for both employers and jobseekers. Start your search now.

WorkingAway ( has been created by a team with considerable experience in the seasonal recruitment market, from creating adverts and promoting positions to hiring a large number per year. As well, WorkingAway is free.

Lisa Wyche
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