Moshiko Designs Now Featured at the Jewellery Gallery

Noosa, Australia, November 14, 2008 --( The Jewellery Gallery has staged yet another designer coup by adding world famous contemporary jewelry stylist Moshiko to their list of fine designers. Moshiko takes the concept of individuality very seriously, and no two pieces in the Moshiko collection are the same, it is a true signature style. Moshiko himself states, "i have worked at the top end of the industry in the jewelry houses of New York and Italy. With my collection, I wish to break away from traditional design showcase quality craftsmanship, combined with a unique aesthetic."

Moshikos unique, colourful and vibrant designs, combine polymers, silver and gold to craft pieces inspired by nature, architecture and science and fashions jewelry which is often whimsical and always exciting. All the pieces handcrafted and signed, created for comfort and functionality and either hand painted or embedded with illustrated and photographic artistic collations and carved to work with the natural shape of hand or arm so that it feels like a natural progression of the body.

Israeli born Moshiko, a master craftsman has been working with polymers and precious metals for over 20 years. A self taught artist with a flair for the surprising and unique, his apprenticeship as a silversmith began in the Katmandu valley. Working with a family of silversmiths who created silver pieces for the kind of Nepal, he learned the little known art of working with metal by heating it with his own breath.

Since that time, Moshiko has worked as an in-house designer and prototype maker, and crafting in gold and diamonds for high-end manufacturers from 1990 - 1995). His mastery at producing pieces that are bold, colourful and individual has made owning a 'Moshiko' highly desirable amongst those for whom fashion is synonymous with standing out in the crowd.

The Jewellery Gallery's owners Julie and Lea are excited to announce that you too can own a 'Moshiko' from their exclusive range of Moshiko pieces, and Lea told this reporter yesterday, "I have already bought at least one piece for myself, we are so excited to have such a world class range of unique jewelry instore and onsite!"

The Jewellery Gallery showcases works from the studios of the world finest silvermith's strive to offer pieces that are chic, wearable and highly collectable, at the Jewellery Gallery we are unabashed silver-maniacs who delight in wearing bold, sensual and imaginative designs that embody the creative passions of the silversmiths.

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