Green Nation Gardens Celebrates America Recycles Day on November 15th

More than just a retail site, Green Nation Gardens fosters recycling locally, regionally and nationally.

Cinnaminson, NJ, November 15, 2008 --( It all seems rather simple. Take your bottles, cans and plastic to the street, local government picks them up, separates them, sells them to a processor, they make some extra cash for the coffers and everyone is all the better for it, including Planet Earth. But does it have to stop there? Is it enough that we recycle cans and bottles? What more could we do? What more should we do?

Green Nation Gardens supports recycling on every level.

As many folks are continuing recycling habits initiated years ago, others are taking it a step further and recycling just about everything. November 15th is "America Recycles Day", and while it does not get that much recognition and fanfare, it does bring enough thought provoking awareness to recycling a wider array of living essentials.

Vera Pappas, owner of Green Nation Gardens, an online retailer of Green Living Products explains, "By becoming mindful of our daily habits, we can increase the amount of essential living items that we can give second life to". Pappas goes on to say, "Although we have done much, there is still needed improvement to be made. A few good examples are, give those clothes that do not fit to someone who will use them. Composting kitchen scraps to add to your garden acts as natural fertilizer and saves landfill space. Avoid throwing away old books, giving them to charity or pass them on to a friend. There are many small but significant measures that can be taken to make a difference in the health of our environment".

On November 15th, give some thought to how you might increase the amount of items to recycle, read a book or article about recycling, or simply tell someone, "Hey, it's America Recycles Day."

Green Nation Gardens is committed not only to offering unique, beneficial and earth friendly products to their customers, but also in sharing the vast knowledge and vision that has afforded them the ability to bring Green Nation Gardens to the forefront of Green Living.

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