Dr. Smoothie Brands with Cafe Essentials Specialty Beverage Line is a Sponsor for the Ultimate Barista Challenge Frappe and Smoothie Competitions

Dr. Smoothie Brands is a full line gourmet beverage company manufacturing shelf stable, natural crushed fruit smoothie concentrates and powdered cocoa, mocha, latte and chai blends. In addition, Dr. Smoothie manufactures nutritional blends ranging from whole food nutrition bars to a full range of nutritional supplements, including medically endorsed products like The Complete Meal. For more information on the Dr. Smoothie product line, please contact them at 888-466-9941.

Fullerton, CA, November 15, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Dr. Smoothie Brands announces exclusive 2009 sponsorship at The Ultimate Barista Challenge USA in the Frappe/Smoothie competition. Dr. Smoothie Brands has provided product that professional Baristas have used in previous National Barista Competitions.

Sherri Johns, a former Barista champion and coffee connoisseur created The Ultimate Barista Challenge. This highly competitive competition is action packed with Baristas flying in from all over the world seeking the opportunity to win each challenge and receive the coveted title of "The Ultimate Barista".

Coffee is more than just a casual cup sipped on a daily basis. Coffee has taken on a new meaning for coffee enthusiasts who take their daily cup very seriously. Keeping up on the market trends and what consumers want most, Dr Smoothie Brands is leading the industry in healthy driven products. With expanding their product lines in their Cafe Essentials specialty beverage division, coffee enthusiasts will be delighted with more options for taste, texture and quality in this high demand and growing business.

Sherri Johns, exclaims "Food, Pastry and Bartending competitions are very popular events. It is time coffee service and espresso take the stage and become part of the dining culture, not just a segment for specialty cafes." For more information on dates for the national and world wide events view www.cafeessentials.com or www.drsmoothie.com

Dr. Smoothie
Ron Garrett
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