Left Right Examiner Launches It’s Own Spin on Political News Reporting

Los Angeles, CA, November 17, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Left Right Examiner (www.leftrightexaminer.com) launches Friday November 14th, 2008 with its own spin on political news reporting. Aggregating the top news headlines from the web and news papers, Left Right Examiner pits the Democrats against the Republicans by dividing its website into two columns of headlines – with the democrats on the left and the conservatives on the right (appropriately colored blue and red respectively). Each headline is linked to the original source article. This format allows visitors to effectively find political spin as left-leaning and right-leaning news outlets report on similar stories. “The beauty is in its simplicity – a stream of headlines on both sides of the debate” said the founder, Michael Campbell. “It’s fascinating to see how different the same news can be reported – or to simply find out what the other side is talking about.” Separate Blue and Red RSS feeds are also available for those that want to track the stream of headlines in their RSS readers.

The spin on the reporting is a result of the founder’s continuous investigation of the news topics of the day. Bouncing from Fox News to the Huffington Post, or the Drudge Report to NPR just to find both sides of the story led Michael to wonder if more people did the same thing. “Left Right Examiner is an experiment at this point” Michael said. “With plans to open up a similar stream of commenting it could do a number of things – enlighten – or cause intense debate.”

This spin is still to be determined.

Left Right Examiner
Michael Campbell