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Hartlepool, United Kingdom, November 16, 2008 --( Up and coming overseas property portal has revealed that America has become the second most popular both in terms of properties being viewed and properties being enquired about. Another surprise in figures released by Property Abroad is that Spain remains the most popular country in the world with those looking to buy overseas property. According to Property Abroad's traffic and enquiry figures, the top ten most popular destinations for those looking at buying overseas property is as follows:

1. Spain
2. America
3. Cyprus
4. Portugal
5. Turkey
6. France
7. Brazil
8. Italy
9. Greece
10. Cape Verde

Liam Bailey, Property Abroad's chief market analyst gave his thoughts on the figures:

"I know some people will be surprised by America being the second most popular country with those seeking an overseas property purchase, but not me. A few months back I saw the trend beginning, when A Place in the sun magazine listed America as climbing 7 places to 4th most popular in their overseas property survey. This was then because of American property prices plummeting at the same time as the dollar crumbled against the pound making American property purchase a particularly financially sound move. It seems this trend has not been affected by the two currencies going in the opposite direction. I suspect America has remained popular despite the currency u-turn, is because many American markets have bottomed out and are predicted to have v-shaped recoveries, investors are therefore buying while prices are low and planning to reap the profits."

"Another reason for America's popularity:" continued Bailey, "is the fact that many developers facing bankruptcy are currently slapping massive discounts on their properties to obtain quick sales, setting shrewd purchasers up for great profits when the market's they purchase bargains in recover -- which is inevitable if unpredictable. One thing I am surprised about however is Spain being number one most popular; surprised more by the fact that it shows there are still masses of British people looking at buying overseas property. Other than that, my guess would have had Turkey in 3rd, Cyprus in 4th and Portugal in 5th, and the rest is pretty much par for the course."

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