Third Wave Digital Announces the Creation of New Nuclear YouTube Channel

Third Wave Digital develops a You Tube channel to house their numerous nuclear related animated clips.

Macon, GA, November 15, 2008 --( Third Wave Digital, a digital media creation firm headquartered in Macon, Georgia, is pleased to announce the launch of a new Nuclear Animation playlist on its YouTube channel. The videos are available for viewing at Prior to the creation of this new playlist, there were only a few online locations that could provide 3-D animations related to the nuclear energy process. Now, using YouTube as a medium of mass distribution, Third Wave Digital has made their entire animated nuclear energy library available to professionals and students with an interest in nuclear energy technology. The fifty-plus video clips include high quality 3-D visualizations of how a nuclear power plant operates. The nuclear energy animation library includes examples of the following processes:

- Nuclear Power
- Nuclear Fission
- Nuclear Boiling Water Reactors
- Nuclear Pressurized Water Reactors
- Nuclear Fuel Pellets
- Fuel Assemblies
- Steam Turbines
- Generators
- Used Nuclear Fuel
- Nuclear Cooling Ponds/Pools
- Dry Shielded Canisters (DSCs)
- Used Nuclear fuel Transfer Casks
- Used Nuclear fuel Horizontal Storage Modules (HSMs)
- Used Nuclear fuel Vertical Storage Casks
- Long Term Nuclear Storage
- Yucca Mountain

Third Wave Digital’s TV production and 3-D animation team created each of the models to closely approximate the actual processes involved in the creation of nuclear energy at some of today’s leading nuclear plants. Third Wave’s production team spent many hours doing on-site research at numerous nuclear facilities to ensure the correctness and accuracy of the graphics and animation as well as the step-by-step process that is described by the presentations using these animated video clips.

Third Wave Digital has been advancing the understanding of nuclear energy for well over a decade and brings unsurpassed expertise to projects in this area. When the animated video clips, now available on YouTube, are integrated with informative games they can be included into custom designed exhibits that result in presentations that often become the focal point of any visitors’ center. Third Wave Digital’s comprehensive library of 3-D animated nuclear energy processes has also been used in training for nuclear plant employees and support personnel.

Third Wave Digital offers over a dozen interactive exhibit and training presentations covering topics like energy conservation, nuclear energy generation, nuclear fuel storage and a variety of environmental issues. Third Wave Digital’s education and instructional nuclear energy materials have been used by some of the largest energy companies in the country like Florida Power & Light, Progress Energy, Duke Energy, Dominion and others.

The Director of Creative Services of Third Wave Digital, Myron Bennett, had this to say regarding the move to distribute these materials via You Tube, “As nuclear power generation enters a new renaissance period, YouTube gives us an easy way to share the work we’ve done in this industry to a world-wide audience. Thanks to YouTube’s huge reach and increasing role as a resource for information (as opposed to entertainment), we’re able to benefit from a much broader exposure of our nuclear videos and animations than we could ever hope to achieve on our own.”

Third Wave Digital is a subsidiary of Colbarton Corp. which also provides advertising agency services (Third Wave Advertising), website design and development (Third Wave Digital) and full website support, maintenance and hosting (Third Wave Host.) For more information about Third Wave Digital’s nuclear energy animation library and how it could benefit your education or general information efforts, please call 888.578.7865 or email

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