YogaPulse – A Unique and Transformative Approach to Yoga Practice – Comes to DVD on January 6, 2009, from Bayview Entertainment

YogaPulse, a six-DVD set designed to reshape the body and transform the mind, arrives at retailers for the first time on January 6, 2009, from BayView Entertainment. Suggested retail price is $59.99.

Hackensack, NJ, November 16, 2008 --( BayView Entertainment is proud to announce the first-time retail availability of YogaPulse, a unique and special DVD set that will reshape your body and transform your life. The DVD set is scheduled to arrive at retailers on January 6, 2009, from BayView Entertainment, one of America’s leading providers of fitness and wellness programming. The YogaPulse system is a transformative approach to getting the long, lean, yoga look seen on magazine covers and it is also a path to inner peace and serenity. This practice will become a way of life that can help you get healthier and live longer. Created by Anastasia – a certified yoga teacher – this program is safe and produces quick results. The YogaPulse DVD set, with a suggested retail price of $59.99, will be available in stores throughout the country and at all major online retailers – including,,, and others – on January 6, 2009.

DVD Information
YogaPulse is designed to help you reshape your body and transform your life by focusing on the way you move. The YogaPulse all–inclusive approach gives you the long, lean, yoga look you see on magazine covers. Certified yoga teacher and nutritional consultant Anastasia created YogaPulse to give you the transformational results you want by using safe, effective movements. The YogaPulse method is based on the principle of seven major pulse zones; the theory of pulse zones was created, tested and developed by Anastasia. It has its roots in ancient yogic texts and in Eastern medicine. Pulse zones are seven specific areas of your body where energy is highly concentrated. The YogaPulse program stimulates these zones, unlocks the normally stagnant energy and creates the sense of overall wellbeing, strength, fitness, flexibility, weight loss and a deep inner peace. YogaPulse is a real combination of East meets West for the best in fitness.

The YogaPulse System includes six DVDs and a fold-out Positions Chart:
• YogaPulse Disc 1 “Source” will thoroughly sculpt your lower body
• YogaPulse Disc 2 “Core” will give you lean, sexy abs and improve your digestive system
• YogaPulse Disc 3 “Heart” will help you develop a beautiful chest and back, as well as a strong cardiovascular system
• YogaPulse Disc 4 “Mind” will connect your mind, body and spirit
• YogaPulse Disc 5 “Dance” will get your heart rate up and speed up your weight loss
• YogaPulse Disc 6 “Take Ten” includes three concentrated programs, to help you create exquisite abs, legs and buns
Positions Chart – a full-color foldout chart of all basic YogaPulse™ positions with photos and explanations to help you master the system easily.

Yoga Pulse - BAY891; UPC: 874482008911; Running time: 230 minutes, 6-DVD set, $59.99 srp., street date January 6, 2009

About Anastasia
Anastasia began her own yoga practice more than a decade ago, in an attempt to bring health and balance into her own life. Since then, she has developed techniques for combining exercise and nutrition in a way that benefits body, mind and spirit. She has shared those techniques with her friends, family and students, elevating the way they feel, improving the way they look and increasing their confidence and a sense of overall well–being. As demand for her time and expertise grew, Anastasia created YogaPulse, a life–changing fitness and nutrition program that people can use at home (or anywhere) to get the results from her teachings.

Anastasia is fortunate to have studied with many world–famous yoga teachers. Her credentials include multiple certifications to teach various forms of yoga. She is also a certified nutritional consultant. She holds a BA in journalism from New York University a master’s degree in natural health from Clayton College and is currently working towards a Ph.D. in nutrition. As a natural health writer, Anastasia has had multiple articles published online and in various magazines.

Prior to becoming a yoga teacher and a nutrition counselor, Anastasia was a professional model with photographs published in Marie Claire, Stuff, Glamour and Maxim magazines. An avid athlete and a tennis player, Anastasia is the star and the producer of the unique Yoga for Tennis DVD series, featured in Fit Yoga magazine, Yoga Journal and other publications. Anastasia’s Yoga for Tennis TV show airs on The Tennis Channel.

About Bayview Entertainment, LLC:
BayView Entertainment, LLC, an independent leader in the home entertainment marketplace, distributes a versatile array of fitness, dance, and special interest titles to suit the ever-changing needs of home entertainment audiences. Some of the diverse artists BayView represents include: Leisa Hart, Cameron Shayne (Budokon), Gilad, Black Belt Magazine, Christi Taylor, Total Immersion Swimming, 8 Minute Abs, Joyce Vedral, Lynn Hahn, and Yoga Journal Magazine. BayView’s fitness DVDs include releases geared to exercising abs, core, legs, arms, and the entire body. BayView Entertainment, LLC can be found online at or contact via e-mail at

YogaPulse is a registered trademark of YogaPulse Wellness, LLC.

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