Offers Free Healthcare Through a Free Healthcare Savings Card for the 50 Million Uninsured Americans.

West Palm Beach, FL, November 16, 2008 --( Free Health, LLC has launched a campaign to give away over $12 billion in free healthcare in 2008, along with millions of dollars in free surgeries and free healthcare savings programs.

With almost 50 million Americans with no health insurance and no solution in sight, Free Health, LLC is the first to set up and provide the first real viable solution to the health care crisis through free healthcare savings. Shortly their online portal will be available where Americans can go online to their website and print a Free card for free at home which will provide free healthcare savings.

Free Health also has released a report showing the statistics of the American healthcare crisis:

Approximately 50 million Americans uninsured without health insurance.
Approximately 120 million without dental insurance.
Approximately 35% of Hispanics in America do not have health insurance or access to it.
Approximately 21% of African Americans do not have access to health insurance.
Five percent of the population accounts for almost half (49%) of total health care expenses.
The lower 50% of spending accounted for three percent of the total national health care dollars.
(Yes, the healthy pay the costs of care for the unhealthy in higher insurance premiums.)
Prescription Drugs can be up to 80% less if you live in a foreign country and not in the United States.
The same drug made by the same manufacturer costs more in the U.S. than in any other country.
Parts for a hip replacement cost up to 80% less in India than in the U.S. even though sometimes they are made by the same manufacturer.
Americans can obtain surgeries by American trained doctors overseas in hospitals equal to or better than American Hospitals for up to 90% less. Yet, healthcare in the U.S. continues to remain unaffordable. Why?
The number of Americans age 65 or over will double by 2050.
The number of people age 85 or over will quadruple by 2050.
By 2030 over half of U.S. adults will be over age 50.
The over 65 population will nearly triple as a result of the aging boomers.
More than six of every 10 boomers will be managing more than one chronic condition.
More than one out of every three boomers - over 21 million - will be considered obese.
One out of every four boomers - 14 million - will be living with diabetes.
Nearly one out of every two boomers - more than 26 million - will be living with arthritis.
Eight times more knee replacements will be performed in 2030 than today.
62% of 50 to 64 year olds reported they had at least six chronic conditions including hypertension, high cholesterol, arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. As boomers age, the number with multiple chronic conditions is expected to grow from almost 8.6 million today (about one out of every 10 boomers) to almost 37 million in 2030.
By 2030, there will be nearly twice as many adult physician visits as there were in 2004, and boomers will account for more than four of every 10 of these visits.
By 2030, if all boomers with diabetes receive recommended care, they will need 55 million laboratory tests per year - 44 million more than today.

Free Health LLC
Jonathan Edelheit