New Site Manager from ShopVisible Bolsters Business-Management Efficiency for Today’s Busy Online Retailers

ShopVisible Platform Seamlessly Integrates Customer Service, Back Office, Inventory, Marketing, Accounting and IT Functions so Owners can Focus on Sales.

Atlanta, GA, November 19, 2008 --( The premier e-commerce platform ShopVisible has launched an advanced Site Manager that further streamlines the business management process for online storefronts. ShopVisible’s sophisticated, simple-to-use interface raises the bar yet again for smart technology that saves business owners time and money.

“Managing an online business can be stressful any time of year, but especially during the crucial holiday sales cycle when consumer traffic should be high and profits are at stake,” says Sean Cook, CEO of ShopVisible. “Our new Site Manager provides e-tailers with the ability to manage their entire business through one system – which means they can focus their energy on selling product and making money.”

ShopVisible has created a product where customer service, back office, inventory, marketing, accounting and IT seamlessly work together as one sharp business tool. The Site Manager is a highly organized user interface that emphasizes client control so it’s easier and faster for business owners to recognize trends and quickly formulate sales strategies that generate revenue.

ShopVisible Site Manager Feature Highlights
- Browser Independence – Whether you are at your desk or at the beach, you can manage your business with ShopVisible’s rich, browser-based Site Manager that works on Mac and PC platforms, and on any browser from IE and Firefox to Safari and Google Chrome.
- Customizable Dashboard – The at-a-glance dashboard gives you the power to quickly monitor unique market trends and refine e-sales strategies to reach shoppers who are spending money online today.
- Every Step of the Way – Built-in “help” features and system demos provide immediate and helpful answers to any questions you may have.
- Role-Based Security – Password-protected features allow your team members to easily see relevant data and perform specific job duties – without granting them full access to proprietary information or administrator-level functions. They can do their jobs efficiently while your business remains secure.
- Web 2.0 Interface with User Tool Sets and AJAX – The new Site Manager marries the latest in design and functionality to make it easy to navigate and easy to use.
- One-Stop Channel Integration – Market everywhere online via one simple tool. Amazon, eBay and other channel partners are accessed, fully integrated and easily managed in one place with the ShopVisible Site Manager.
- High-Resolution Analytics – Good results are meant to be seen and shared. ShopVisible Site Manager produces crystal clear reports and graphs that provide real business intelligence and look great on the screen and on paper.
- Great Support System with Tickets, Forums and a Knowledge Base – Manage customer requests and communications with a built-in, state-of-the-art support system.

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About ShopVisible
Based in Atlanta, ShopVisible is the most search engine optimized e-commerce platform available to online retailers. ShopVisible’s SaaS (software as a service) e-commerce solution is a comprehensive suite of tools that creates a business environment where customer service, back office, inventory, marketing accounting and IT seamlessly work together. The platform ensures online visibility and revenue growth through built-in Search Engine Optimization that takes businesses to the top of the page in search results. ShopVisible helps you make money and save money by eliminating inefficiencies and redundant software – taking your business to a place where pay-per-click campaigns and cobbled software systems are obsolete. For more information, visit

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