Main Street Americans Propose Solutions to Financial Crisis in Efinancial Blog Contest

Bellevue, WA, November 19, 2008 --( The president-elect of the United States has told Americans "This election is all about you!" At least one financial blog is inclined to agree. The best ideas on how to save the American economy have been proposed by the daily visitors to and chosen on election day by the leader in online life insurance choices based in the "other Washington" --

"The Efinancial blog began as a discussion forum for those seeking the most affordable life insurance products and services," said CEO Michael Rowell. "As America's financial problems deepened, we opened up the conversation on the blog outside of insurance shopping tips and insights, and actively encouraged readers to submit their best ideas as part of a contest." features lively discussion and video education along with links to an online E-Learning Center created by the low-cost life insurance leader.

Several of the ideas proposed by Efinancial blog participants have already moved from concept to reality:

- "The government should inject more capital into the banking system, to solve the solvency crisis."

- "Regulation is the key. Businesses have proven that the market does not always self-regulate. Whether we need a new governmental administrative agency to track oversignt on banks (other than the treasury) is unclear, but some sort of controls need to be put in place."

- "Stimulate American citizens to change their thinking about consumerism and take greater responsibility when borrowing."

- "Support local economies, not just national ones."

- "Lower the cost of health care."

- "Elect leaders to the government who have the knowledge and ideas to bring America out of this slump."

All comments made on the Efinancial blog were eligible to win the contest including those in a special "S.O.S. - Save our financial System" category. The blog comments will be shared with congressional offices in Washington.

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