Tillman Troops.org Announces That Commander Henry C. Tillman is Returning Home on November 18, 2008 to the Woodlands After Serving an Estimated 300 Days in Afghanistan

Tillman Troops announces that Commander Henry C. Tillman (husband of Loree Tillman, founder of TillmanTroops.org) will be returning home to The Woodlands, TX one November 18th, 2008 after serving an estimated 300 days in Afghanistan with USNAVY.

Houston, TX, November 16, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Loree stated “We are very proud of Tyler’s’ Daddy and thankful that he has made it home safely. We plan on celebrating throughout this all holiday season. However, I ask all Houstonians try to remember those service members who are serving our country and their families who are not able to spend this holiday season together. Please continue to pray for them and their safe return home. ”

Commander Tillman is 47 years old and has served in the military for an estimated 22 years. (10 years as active duty and 12 years as a reservist) Just months prior to receiving his orders, Commander Tillman had made the decision to retire from service without making his personal goal of being promoted to Captain. After long consideration, he and his wife decided he would continue to stay in the USNAVY Reserves through the next promotion period. Little did they know he would receive his orders the following month would deploy to serve in Afghanistan.

On October 7, 2007, Commander Tillman received his deployment orders to be mobilized from reserve status to active duty which meant that he and his family would be faced with making the sacrifice of being apart and putting his life on hold while he would serve the possibility of 425 days in Afghanistan. There was no question that Commander Tillman would serve his country – he had made the commitment and would see it through so there wasn’t the possibility that his young son, Tyler who was 4 years old would have to serve in many years to come.

He was stationed at a small 200 person camp 30 miles outside the Pakistan where it was common to have exchanges with the enemy through the night where his primary responsibility was to oversee the of training the Afghan Army (ANA).

This was his first deployment for the Tillman family. Initially, his wife Loree Tillman felt very over whelmed with taking on the additional responsibilities which included caring for their son, paying the bills and endure the stress knowing her husbands’ life could be sacrificed while he served our country. Her new job was to “step up to take care of the home front”, manage the home life and raise their son. However, Loree knew that she just couldn’t just sit and wait but she could and would do more to help the troops by turning her dinning room into “command central” where she created a new local non-profit - TillmanTroops.org

Tillman Troops.org is a non-profit corporation, organized and operating as a 501(c) (3) accepting tax deductable donations, comprised of individuals and organizations volunteering and donating goods, services and other support in the local Houston area and organized for charitable purposes to provide support, aid, comfort and assistance to members of our armed forces, operational employees and agents of other U.S. government departments and their families.

Tillman Troops.org made big accomplishments this year and plans to complete 2008 by teaming up with Northwest Forest Conference Center on December 14th for "A Big Texas Welcome Home" to welcome home those who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as honor local service members and their families. Those who are interested should contact www.tillmantroops.org for their free tickets and be added to list of names and family members of honored guests. TillmanTroops.org will continue its efforts in 2009 with expanding their programs that include care packages, humanitarian aid, “Adopt-A-Soldier Program”, “Holiday From Home” and “Books for the Brave”.

In conclusion
Despite the long year of being apart The Tillman’s are staying positive that he will finally receive his promotion to Captain very soon as he continues to serve our country in the reserves for a few more years. In the days ahead – this a very special time for The Tillman Family as they look forward to Commander Henry C. Tillman (AKA Daddy and/or Tyler’s Daddy) to take those final steps off the plane here at Houston Intercontinental were they will be thankful to be able to spend time together as a family and celebrate their sons 5th Birthday” this Friday 11/21/08.

For more information or if you would like to be included in the December 14th Event, donate, receive tickets and/or volunteer for the December 14th Event, contact Tammy Shaw, Volunteer Coordinator at 281-221-8435, visit the website www.tillmantroops.org or send an e-mail to info@tillmantroops.org.

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