The Power Of 3 - Ghost Quest Members Ready To Talk

New York, NY, November 20, 2008 --( To most people the noises that go bump in the night are troublesome or dismissed as “the house is settling,” but to members of Ghost Quest these sounds are music to their ears. Ghost Quest is a paranormal research team consisting of 3 researchers. They use a unique blend of science and spiritual research that sets them apart from other paranormal investigators. Each team member utilizes their unique gift to contribute to the research. Raven Duclos is a lead investigator and psychic medium, Beckah Boyd is a lead investigator and psychic medium, and Katie Boyd is a lead investigator and demonologist. Ghost Quest is available for immediate interview. They are available to discuss prior and current investigations, what makes a site a great candidate for an investigation, and other topics pertaining to paranormal activity and research. For more information on Ghost Quest visit them online at

Ghost Quest has secured Anthony Embry with A.E. Entertainment Public Relations as their chief publicist. They will only release comments, quotes, and grant interviews through their publicist. Please contact Anthony at the contact information listed below or by using this form

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