Fitness Expert Donates Free Fitness Resources to World's Largest Health and Fitness Gift Giving Bonanza

Experience the world's largest health and fitness gift giving bonanza with 12 Days of Fitness. With the help of 250 of the world's top personal trainers, nutritionists, therapists and specialist fitness experts, the 12 days of fitness is set to become the biggest fitness gift giveaway in history with expected downloads of over 500,000 between the 10th and 22nd of December.

Fitness Expert Donates Free Fitness Resources to World's Largest Health and Fitness Gift Giving Bonanza
Uppsala, Sweden, November 19, 2008 --( Fitness expert Jonas Forsberg today announced a very special invite to take part in the world's largest ever fitness information gift-giving, where an estimated 500,000 people will benefit from the combined fitness expertise of over 250 personal trainers, physical therapists and nutritionists.

Forsberg was chosen to represent Sweden from among thousands of fitness experts in recognition of his specialist knowledge in the area of rapid fat loss and is expected to make quite an impact when he releases his latest workout program called The Bodyweight Holiday System, which is aimed at helping busy and stressed out people to safely and rapidly lose fat and build a more attractive figure.

Forsberg said "The reason I created this program is because I believe that finding time for exercise has become a real problem to so many people out there who have tried all of the traditional approaches to getting in shape and yet still failed to achieve appreciable results. I wanted to give these people a simple, straighforward, yet seriously effective means to lose fat quickly without making it the least complicated."

Forsberg continued, "what makes the release of this report so special is that it's going to be part of a much bigger and impactful program as part of Dax Moy's '12 days of fitness' program where we anticipate that over 500,000 people will receive advice and help with achieving their health and fitness goals for 2009. To have been selected for such an important role within the project is a great honor indeed."

You can receive your own free copy of Jonas Forsberg’s The Bodyweight Holiday System and hundreds of others for free by visiting and getting your name onto the gift list which will begin delivering fitness gifts worldwide from December 10th.

Jonas Forsberg