Mitral Regurgitation - a Proper Reference Guide to Cure Your Heart is Launched

Valuable suggestions on taking care of your heart before and after heart valve surgery. This is a very useful guide in terms of health and hygiene of your heart. How the ill effects of adulterants in our food and fats lead to high cholesterol level? Many more.

Redondo Beach, CA, November 21, 2008 --( A “complete patient’s guide” to heart valve surgery has launched its new edition for those who has had heart valve surgery. This patient guide has been read by thousands of patients, caregivers, cardiologists, and heart surgeons in over 50 countries around the world. The previous edition of this book was launched by Adam Pink (a former, double heart-valve surgery patient).

As per the American Heart Association, twice as many Americans are hospitalized with heart failure today compared to 25 years ago. The study found 807,082 people aged 65 and older were hospitalized in heart failure during 2006. This represents a 131% increase from 348,866 people in 1980. The study also found the risk for heart failure among women is growing faster than in men, though men are still more likely to wind up in the hospital each year. The risk also increased with age, as patients aged 75 to 85 were twice as likely to wind up in the hospital in comparison to younger people.

According to the AHA, twice as many Americans are hospitalized due to heart failure because of the aging population and success in keeping people alive after heart attacks. As he is a patient, he is well known about suffering of heart patients. For this reason, he has wonder full tips about recovering from heart valve repair or heart valve replacement. This book (The patient guide to heart valve surgery) and website ( was designed to support you, the patient, or caregiver, through the entire heart-valve surgery process - from diagnosis to recovery.

On his experience, he provides some bothersome symptoms such as palpitations, insomnia, shortness of breath, and slight numbness in extremities. This book will provide various suggestions and tips to control heart related problems by medication and other performed tasks as per cardiologist prescriptions and suggestions.

No doubt, this is wonderful book as asserted by Adam. This book provides wonderful information relating to patients, caregivers, cardiologists, and heart surgeons. Latest version 2008 of this book will provide knowledge about management the opportunities and potential pitfalls of heart valve surgery.

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