SWISS International Air Lines and Cabvert Media Snowboard to the Streets of London

Creative experts of Mediamix and Cabvert Media join forces this autumn with a smart advertising campaign devised for SWISS International Air Lines. Making use of PR opportunities at London’s 35th Metro ski and snowboard show, Media Mix and Cabvert Media worked together in designing an advertising campaign targeted at London’s winter sport community.

London, United Kingdom, November 21, 2008 --( Cabvert and Mediamix promote travel to Switzerland with the use of cleverly designed cabs circling London streets, promoting travel to Swiss ski destinations “for the price of a taxi drive”. These uniquely designed snow white taxies are enticing ski and snowboarders all over London throughout the duration of this SWISS International Air campaign.

Taking advantage of PR potential in this year’s ski and snowboard show in Olympia, the campaign is designed to catch the eye of thousands of London’s snow enthusiasts. Fit with roof racks, skis and snowboards, the Cabs swarmed the Olympia area throughout the duration of the sporting event and now continue to tempt the London public throughout the duration of this years’ ski-season.

“The PR event at the Metro Ski and Snowboard Show was an additional benefit; the flexibility of taxi advertising enabled us to have a presence where it really matters, close to the show, close to the ski enthusiasts” comments Stephan Anetzeder (advertising, SWISS International Air).

Media Mix and SWISS International Air Lines opted for full liveries which Martin Gentsch, Mediamix managing partner, agrees “allows a very creative communication approach and which guarantees a high level of exposure.” Creating the highest visual impact, along with a great value, full liveries allow maximal creativity, ensuring optimal impact to the targeted audience.

“Internal feedback and external voice was that the cabs reflected exactly our message we want to communicate to our target group and clients about quality, price, extra service and hospitality” comments Anetzeder, noting that “the visibility of the white cabs are amazing and good looking.”

Mediamix and SWISS were please with the service provided by the Cabvert team, having chosen them based on their ability to come up with the most complete and competitive offer. “Cabvert worked out a tailor made solution for the promotion of the skiing season flights to Switzerland,” comments Gentsch, adding that “the collaboration all along the process was immaculate.”

Cabvert Media
Tiffany Grabski