Total Energy Concepts Can Cut Your Electric Bill by at Least 15%--Guaranteed

Total Energy Concepts has developed a unique process that reduces electric bills by 15% while providing a blanket of protection to residential and commercial facilities that cuts maintenance costs by 40%, reduces downtime and costly insurance claims.

Jacksonville, FL, November 21, 2008 --( Total Energy Concepts of Jacksonville has developed breakthrough technology that will cut customer energy consumption by at least 15% while reducing maintenance costs by 40%.

TEC combines Power Factor Correction and Transient Voltage Surge Suppression that provide an umbrella of protection for residential and commercial customers. TEC's proprietary process eliminates power factor penalties assessed by local utilities and reduces maintenance costs, downtime and expensive insurance claims related to internal transient surges and external surges caused by lightning.

TEC is so confident in the Power Factor Optimization System that it is backed by a manufacturer 3 year money back guarantee on energy savings and a 15 year manufacturer’s warranty. If customers do not save the guaranteed 15% on electric consumption the manufacturer will refund the cost of the system, less any realized savings.

The TEC bottom line is the customer's bottom line! Right now a prospective customer will pay an electric bill every month. By utilizing TEC’s eco-friendly, green products this customer would pay less to the utility company and pocket the difference which creates instant positive cash flow.

Customers considering going green should do it with TEC, industry leaders in power factor correction and transient voltage surge suppression. Total Energy Concepts blanket of protection, proudly made in the U.S.A. is not only environmentally friendly but qualifies for substantial tax credits.


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