Thumbuddy Author Inspires Mothers of Preschoolers

Burnsville, MN, November 21, 2008 --( Mark Arens, the author of the Thumbuddy children’s book series and founder of ThumbPeople, Inc. addressed members of MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) on Monday, November 17th in Pine City, MN.

MOPS is an international organization which helps preschool moms through relationships established in the context of local groups which provide a caring atmosphere for today’s mother of young children. MOPS recognizes that the years from infancy through kindergarten are foundational in a mother-child relationship and are filled with unique needs.

The MOPS directive to support mothers in their desire to be the very best moms they can be aligns with the ThumbPeople mission to help every individual be the very best they can be. Founder Mark Arens presented to MOPS the ThumbPeople principles of recognizing that they, along with their children, are one-of-a-kind and uniquely gifted to impact the world in a very specific way. Arens guided the mothers of preschoolers through an exercise of writing down the qualities and attributes of their children – demonstrating a foundational ThumbPeople concept in identifying the positive qualities in others and using the power of the written and spoken word to communicate them.

Arens also spoke about the necessity to see ourselves in a positive light even after experiencing personal failure and mistakes. This ability to separate our failures and short-comings from our overall view of ourselves, will allow us to do the same for our children and others enabling us to offer unconditional love and acceptance.

Through its thumbprint character, Thumbuddy, ThumbPeople, Inc. utilizes the thumbprint analogy that just as your thumb stands out from your fingers, you were meant to stand out and live an outstanding life and just as your thumb leaves a one-of-a-kind thumbprint everywhere you go, your life leaves a unique imprint in the world. ThumbPeople uses this analogy in its children’s literature, music, public speaking and curriculum programs to partner with parents and children’s organizations to encourage positive youth development.

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Cathy Kirschner
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