ThumbPeople Invites Public to Choose New Thumbuddy Character Via Survey

Thumbuddy children’s books is allowing the public to choose the new look for the next new Thumbuddy character. - June 02, 2011

ThumbPeople Experiences New Form of Theft

ThumbPeople Warns Others of Affiliate Program Fraud - February 03, 2011

ThumbPeople Donates Encouraging Books to Teen Challenge Moms

ThumbPeople Offers Encouragement to Challenged Moms - December 25, 2010

ThumbPeople Helps to Reduce Holiday Travel Stress

Soaking Music Effective In Reducing Road Rage And Travel Stress - December 05, 2010

ThumbPeople Announces Christmas “Giving from the Heart Campaign”

ThumbPeople, Inc. is matching every product sold through December 20, 2010 and will be donating these products to families who are unable to purchase Christmas gifts for their children. - November 18, 2010

Pre-School Radio Features Thumbuddy Kid’s Music

Kid’s learn “They are Thumbuddy!” on Pre-School Radio. - November 10, 2010

ThumbPeople Founder Kicks Off Fundraiser at Community Of Hope

ThumbPeople Launches Fundraiser While Equipping Parents. - October 31, 2010

ThumbPeople Founder to Teach at Deeper Still Children’s Conference

Kids learn “They are Thumbuddy” at Deeper Still Children’s Conference - October 14, 2010

ThumbPeople Founder Relays Critical Message on I Need You Dad Radio

ThumbPeople founder presents, “Parents, Are You Killing Your Child with Words?” - October 09, 2010

ThumbPeople Releases Kids Need Video to Encourage Parent and Child Bonding

ThumbPeople promotes the Kids Need YouTube video to meet the emotional needs of children. - August 26, 2009

ThumbPeople Announces Unique Affiliate Program Which Utilizes YouTube Link

ThumbPeople's innovative YouTube affiliate program will help create awareness for the emotional needs of children. - August 12, 2009

Thumbuddy Makes a Leap from Children’s Books Into Video

ThumbPeople motivates parents with videos to express their unconditional love for their children. - August 05, 2009

Thumbuddy Stands Out of the Preschool Curriculum Crowd

Thumbuddy Club preschool curriculum uniquely builds self worth in children. - July 24, 2009

ThumbPeople and Educators Warn Parents Not to Wait to Prepare Their Child to Start School

Education experts advise parents to start early in preparing their children to start school. - July 15, 2009

Summer Family Events Feature Thumbuddy – Next is Eagan’s Market Fest Family Night

Thumbuddy to make an appearance at Eagan’s Market Fest Family Night with crafts and activities for kids. - July 09, 2009

Heal Our Nation Video Released by ThumbPeople for Fourth of July Events

The company based on the power of positive words, ThumbPeople, Inc., has released the Heal Our Nation this Fourth of July video to encourage the citizens of the United States. - July 01, 2009

ThumbPeople and Get It In Your Soul Partner to Counteract Negative Thinking with the Power of Words

Twin Cities companies, ThumbPeople, Inc. and Get It In Your Soul have partnered together to promote simple tools that utilize the power of positive words to free individuals from negative thinking. - June 24, 2009

Product Reviewers Recommend Thumbuddy Books and Music for Increasing Kid’s Self Esteem

The positive and affirming words in Thumbuddy children’s books and music have product reviewers recommending them to parents and preschool educators. - June 17, 2009

ThumbPeople Preschool Curriculum Offers Good Value While Promoting Good Values

Preschool curriculum decision makers choose Thumbuddy Club curriculum for value pricing, flexibility in application and positive effects on children’s self image. - June 11, 2009

Thumbuddy Club Summer Program Implemented to Build Self Worth in Kids

Preschool summer program, Thumbuddy Club, promotes self worth and confidence in children. - June 04, 2009

Crossroads Church and ThumbPeople Hold Events to Help Individuals “Live an Abundant Life in a Time of Scarcity”

ThumbPeople and Crossroads Church partner together to encourage and strengthen individuals. - May 23, 2009

ThumbPeople Announces Its Imprint Ministry

ThumbPeople establishes its Imprint Ministry to fund church ministries. - May 15, 2009

ThumbPeople Helping Families Affected by Swine Flu School Closings

ThumbPeople, Inc. supports preschool families and responds to school closings due to the Swine Flu. - May 06, 2009

ThumbPeople Launches Thumbuddy Club Preschool Curriculum

ThumbPeople, Inc. launches Thumbuddy Club preschool curriculum acclaimed for building self worth in children. - May 03, 2009

ThumbPeople Adds Words of Blessing to It’s Affirmation CD Series

ThumbPeople has added a Words of Blessing affirmation CD to its soaking CD series which includes Words of Love, Words of Encouragement, Words of Healing and now, Words of Blessing. ThumbPeople soaking CD’s are based on the philosophy that positive, uplifting words have the ability to... - March 22, 2009

Blog Reviews Requested by ThumbPeople, Inc.

ThumbPeople, originators of the Thumbuddy children’s book series, Thumbuddy Club preschool curriculum and the ThumbPeople affirmation CD series is requesting blog reviews of its books and CDs. Gaining attention for developing self worth within children, the thumbprint character, Thumbuddy,... - March 12, 2009

ThumbPeople Ready to Inspire Educators at the Minnesota Early Childhood Educator’s Conference

Early Childhood Educator, Kelly Olson, will represent ThumbPeople and its goal to encourage the development of self worth within children at the 7th Annual Minnesota Early Childhood Educator’s Conference to be held March 13-14 at Concordia University, Saint Paul, Minnesota. The goal of the... - March 08, 2009

ThumbPeople Rolls Out Its Own “Family Bailout Plan”

ThumbPeople, Inc., a company committed to building up individuals and families through the use of positive and encouraging words is upping its efforts in light of today’s challenging economy and increasingly negative news media by rolling out its ThumbPeople Family Bailout Plan. The... - March 04, 2009

ThumbPeople Requesting Product and Website Reviews

ThumbPeople, Inc., the company that originated the Thumbuddy children’s book series, Thumbuddy Club preschool curriculum and the ThumbPeople affirmation CD series is requesting public reviews of its product line and website. Recognized as being a vehicle in developing self worth within... - February 21, 2009

Draw Your Own Thumbuddy Contest

ThumbPeople, Inc., the creator of the Thumbuddy children’s book series is sponsoring a “Draw Your Own Thumbuddy Contest” for kids. Here’s what kid’s need to do . . . Draw Thumbuddy on a white piece of paper. Have fun and be creative. Write words that describe... - February 13, 2009

Thumbuddy Thrills Children, Parents and Educators

Thumbuddy, an endearing and lovable thumbprint character that engages children, equips parents and excites educators is gaining momentum around the country. - January 30, 2009

Thumbuddy Club for Preschoolers Coming to Northwestern Book Store in Maple Grove, MN

Early Childhood Educator, Kelly Olson, will launch Thumbuddy Club at two preschool events to be held at Northwestern Book Store, 12985 Elm Creek Blvd. N., Maple Grove, MN on January 19th and 22nd from 10:30-11:30 a.m. Thumbuddy Club consists of crafts, music, activities and take home bags. Seven... - January 09, 2009

ThumbPeople Announces Thumbuddy Buddy Award

ThumbPeople, Inc. has established the Thumbuddy Buddy Award to be awarded twice a year to encourage and recognize individuals who are truly being “Thumbuddy” in life – that is they are making a positive imprint in the lives of others. ThumbPeople spokesperson, Cathy Kirschner,... - January 04, 2009

ThumbPeople to Select Preschool Program to Field Test Thumbuddy Curriculum

ThumbPeople, Inc. is currently reviewing prospective preschool environments interested in field testing its Thumbuddy preschool curriculum program. ThumbPeople, Inc. has partnered with a preschool curriculum developer to package Thumbuddy curriculum for children at daycare centers, preschools,... - December 24, 2008

How to Build Self Worth

ThumbPeople, Inc. continues to move forward with its four-tiered approach to encourage the development of self worth within children. ThumbPeople founder, Mark Arens, believes that a foundation of self worth will support efforts to combat bullying, peer-pressure, poor self-image, violence and other... - December 11, 2008

Thumbuddy Author Inspires Mothers of Preschoolers

Mark Arens, the author of the Thumbuddy children’s book series and founder of ThumbPeople, Inc. addressed members of MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) on Monday, November 17th in Pine City, MN. MOPS is an international organization which helps preschool moms through relationships established in... - November 21, 2008

ThumbPeople, Inc. Partners with United States Christian Chamber of Commerce

ThumbPeople, Inc. has joined forces with the United States Christian Chamber of Commerce committing their children’s book and music business to an even higher standard of excellence. Adopting the Christian Chamber of Commerce directive, ThumbPeople has positioned itself to positively impact... - November 07, 2008

ThumbPeople, Inc. Presents Thumbuddy Thursdays

ThumbPeople, Inc. has packaged “Thumbuddy Thursdays” for children at daycare centers, preschools, before and after school childcare programs and libraries across the country. Thumbuddy Thursdays are structured to take place one hour a week for seven weeks. At Thumbuddy Thursdays,... - November 03, 2008

ThumbPeople Children’s Books Gain Momentum at Literary Festival

ThumbPeople books and music featuring the children’s self-worth building character, “Thumbuddy” created a buzz at this month’s Twin Cities Book Festival sponsored by Rain Taxi. The day-long autumn gala gathers the diverse Twin Cities book community to celebrate literary... - October 27, 2008

ThumbPeople Video Release Expected to Create Ripple Causes Whitecap

ThumbPeople, Inc., the producer of children’s literature and music with the goal of building self confidence in children through creatively fun methods, unleashed their first video today. The ThumbPeople video, “First Steps Prove Tricky, Watch me Fall and Laugh” currently posted... - October 24, 2008

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