Ice-Qube Preparedness Solutions Encourages Family Emergency Planning at Thanksgiving Including Adding an ICE Cell Phone Emergency Contact promotes adding ICE In Case of Emergency Contacts to Cell Phones at Thanksgiving. The annual family Thanksgiving gathering offers an opportunity to strategize with family members, develop an emergency plan and decide on and organize important emergency contact information in the event of a disaster.

Old Westbury, NY, November 20, 2008 --( Ice-Qube Preparedness Solutions encourages all Americans to add ICE Emergency contacts into every cell phone, Blackberry, IPhone or PDA at the Thanksgiving table as part of an initiative to foster Family Emergency Planning. The annual family Thanksgiving gathering offers an opportunity to strategize with family members, develop a plan and decide on and organize important contact information in the event of an emergency.

The simple task of adding and encouraging others to add a new contact under “ICE” in their cell phones, is a smart step for your emergency preparedness plan. As Emergency Responders are trained to look for emergency contacts and vital medical information under the ICE listing, this simple step could help save or sustain a life.

This year, when we sit down with our family to reflect on the year and give thanks, between making the toast and bringing out the turkey, encourage your own family to take out their cellphones and take this simple step.” says Leslie Fastenberg, Ice-Qube Preparedness Solutions President. “think of the peace of mind it will give you to know that should an emergency occur, you or your loved ones could be reached quickly.”

An ICE In Case of Emergency Contact entry should include name, birth date and blood type. Each “Ice” contact should include the names and phone numbers for those who should be contacted on your behalf, in case of an emergency. Choose an agreed upon out of town contact. Make sure everyone has that number in their cellphone. You can add medication, dosage, and allergy information.

Ice-Qube Preparedness is promoting this international idea to create an ICE contact around the thanksgiving table as a timely and sensible way to make Thanksgiving more impactful. Their goal is a safer community. Additionally, they give away free ICE (In Case of Emergency) Plans and free reminders to replenish your emergency supplies at

Ice-Qube Preparedness Solutions offers a line of customizable emergency preparedness kits and supplies, designed with consideration for the special needs of individuals, families, babies and pets, organized in a signature “Qube” for easy storage and use. From the basic Ice-Qube Rescue and Survival kit to the premium Ice-Qube Luxe, every kit contains a collection of rescue, survival, first-aid, hygiene and comfort items to get you and your family through any emergency. Each Ice-Qube kit contains an ICE-Qube In Case of Emergency Plan to help you gather and organize important contact information, including out of town contacts and meeting locations.

Read more about Family Emergency planning and entering ICE contacts into cell phones at For more information, contact Leslie Fastenberg, 516 650-7690.

About Ice-Qube Preparedness Solutions
Ice-Qube Preparedness Solutions is a Long Island, New York company that offers premium, easy to customize, emergency and disaster preparedness solutions and systems for individuals, families, corporations and local municipalities. The Ice-Qube product line was developed by Leslie Fastenberg, a suburban “hockey mom” from Old Westbury, NY who, while researching emergency preparedness products for her own family was inspired to develop a more comprehensive, practical and efficient kit than what was available on the market. Tapping into the international recognition of the ICE (In Case of Emergency) campaign which involves entering an ICE contact into cell phones, and packing all the products in a signature “Qube”, led to the unique company and product names.

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