Ice-Qube Preparedness Solutions Encourages Family Emergency Planning at Thanksgiving Including Adding an ICE Cell Phone Emergency Contact promotes adding ICE In Case of Emergency Contacts to Cell Phones at Thanksgiving. The annual family Thanksgiving gathering offers an opportunity to strategize with family members, develop an emergency plan and decide on and organize important emergency contact information in the event of a disaster. - November 20, 2008

Ice-Qube Preparedness Solutions Marks National Preparedness Month with 20% Off All Emergency Preparedness Kits

To mark National Preparedness Month, Ice-Qube Preparedness Solutions urges Americans to get prepared and offers discounts on all Emergency Preparedness kits through the end of 2008. - September 25, 2008

Ice-Qube Preparedness Solutions Launches First Emergency Preparedness System Designed as a Gift

Ice-Qube Preparedness Solutions is launching six new emergency preparedness kits at the New York International Gift Fair, August 17-19. All six products are part of the new Ice-Qube Preparedness System, a unique easy way to customize home emergency preparedness. Designed as a gift for individuals, families, new mothers and pet owners, the new Ice-Qube system makes it easy to protect those you love by giving the gift of lifesaving emergency and disaster preparedness. - August 17, 2008

Ice-Qube Preparedness Solutions Creates Advisory Board to Improve Home Emergency Preparedness

Ice-Qube Preparedness Solutions convened it's first advisory board meeting to discuss the state of home emergency preparedness efforts in local communities on Long Island, NY. The Ice-Qube advisory board brings together expertise of leaders in the fields of Emergency Management, Fire Safety, Police, Transportation and family psychology. The Advisory Board will serve as a formal committee to advise the product development initiatives of the Ice-Qube, In Case of Emergency, products. - June 11, 2008

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