An All New No MSG for Me Cookbook Released

No MSG For Me Cookbook helps people prepare food that is free from MSG. It offers over 100 recipes that have no MSG. Lisa Kramer also provides a guide for buying MSG free products.

Bellingham, WA, November 22, 2008 --( Satisfy Your Appetite With a Delicious Assortment of MSG Free Recipes.

No MSG For Me Cookbook is an essential resource for people who cannot tolerate MSG. It is difficult to avoid MSG when eating your favorite foods. Now readers have found the solution. With over 100 recipes, No MSG For Me Cookbook has brought tasty food back into the lives of people who are intolerant of MSG.

Lisa Kramer created the recipes for her No MSG For Me Cookbook over several years of experimenting with ingredients in her own kitchen. With the desire to share her recipes with those whom she shared a MSG sensitivity with, she published her first cookbook.

Kramer offers a variety of MSG free cooking. Recipes include classics such as cheesy potatoes, sloppy joes, au jus dip, fried chicken, clam chowder and sweet & sour sauce – dishes that were once forbidden to anyone sensitive to MSG.

However, No MSG For Me Cookbook is more than just recipes. Kramer provides an introduction to shopping for MSG free products and offers a list of sources for MSG free ingredients. The recipes will help readers eliminate MSG in their kitchen and they will be well on their way to the ultimate goal, bringing the pleasure of eating back to their home.

About the Author
Lisa Kramer has a B.A. in Human Resources and Business Management from Eastern Washington University in Cheney, WA. Her husband Mike and their two children live in Everson, WA.

Publication of No MSG For Me Cookbook (ISBN # 978-0-615-25757-0) is available through, or at

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