New Content, Distribution Partners and Product Developments Fuel Momentum at Howcast

New York, NY, November 20, 2008 --( Howcast Media, Inc. ( has announced new partnerships with leading producers and distributors of video content, furthering its mission to provide consumers with a solution anytime, anywhere they need to know how. Howcast’s new content partnerships augment its rapidly growing library of quality how-to videos with tens of thousands of additional videos, while new distribution partners extend its reach across all media platforms, from leading web sites to mobile devices, television, and even in-flight entertainment systems and other nontraditional distribution platforms.

"We are furthering our mission to provide the how-to solution anytime someone wants to learn how to do something by partnering with world-class content and distribution partners to expand upon the industry-leading content we create at Howcast Studios,” said Howcast co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Jason Liebman.

New Content Partners

Howcast is proud to announce new content partnerships with NextNewNetworks,, ON Networks, Studio 4 Fitness, Amber Madison / Weller Grossman Productions,, and

Distribution Partners

To make it easier for consumers to find their how-to solution wherever and whenever they need it, Howcast has initiated new partnerships with leading distribution partners across all platforms. In addition to existing partnerships with distributors like MySpace, Verizon’s VCAST, TiVo, YouTube, AOL, Metacafe, and Veoh, Howcast has expanded its distribution network to include Yahoo! Video, Hulu,, Dailymotion, FunSpace (the leading Facebook application), Glam Media and blinkx, and many others, including those that extend beyond the web, like DigEcor for in-flight entertainment.

These many new partnerships have resulted in Howcast expanding upon its ability to provide useful and engaging how-to videos whenever, wherever a consumer needs to know how.

Howcast Where You Want It

You can find Howcast how-to videos wherever you want to learn how. Howcast for iPhone is the first dedicated iPhone application to create a comprehensive, mobile how-to video solution for consumers, providing access to videos shown on—all at the touch of a finger. Aided by powerful search capabilities, iPhone users can easily find a video to show them how to do just about anything.

In addition, the new Howcast Player Widget is the easy way to watch and learn how to do something new without ever leaving the comfort of your start page, desktop, or social-networking profile. Consumers can embed the Howcast Player Widget and search for how-to videos that will appear in crisp quality in the mini-Howcast Player, as well as share any video with friends via email, blog post, or social-networking profile. The Widget also allows publishers to add a Howcast Video Bar Widget to match the look and feel of their site’s design.

About Howcast Media, Inc.

Recently named a top web site of 2008 by both TIME and PC Magazine, engages consumers to watch and share free, useful how-to videos and guides produced in-house at Howcast Studios as well as by innovative media partners, trusted brands, and individual contributors. Howcast Studios produces useful, engaging how-to videos while also enabling up-and-coming filmmakers and students to gain experience and build their careers by making professional video with guidance in the Howcast Emerging Filmmakers Program.

To show consumers how-to videos wherever, whenever they need to learn how, Howcast tailors and The Howcast Player to showcase instructional content, while partnering with leading web sites as well as home- and mobile-video providers. Howcast also offers marketers innovative, relevant “how-to” video-advertising solutions.

Tessa Barrera
Communications Manager

Howcast Media
Tessa Barrera