Tactical Applications of Directed Energy Weapons are at Technical Readiness for Battlefield Application

Directed Energy Weapons have been a source of great interest and investment, and now they’re ready for practical application.

London, United Kingdom, November 28, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Tactical applications of Directed Energy Weapons are at Technical Readiness Levels (TRL’s) for conversion to the battlefield. In addition, exciting advances in technologies being developed for Strategic applications for Directed Energy (DE), such as anti-Surface to Air Missiles (SAMs) lasers, are reaching critical stages.

Paul McLeary writing in Aviation Week last month reported that “The U.S. government allotted $25 million in this past summer’s war supplemental funding bill for five (…Silent Guardian ADS…) systems.” Continued investment in research projects for DE applications, from anti-SAM lasers to crowd control systems such as the Active Denial System, ensures that this is the hottest area of development in weapons systems for the 21st century.

“It is the optimum time for militaries to discuss the practical aspects of using this technology in theatre, in the months before it goes into active service.” stressed Alastair Lewis, Event Director at Defence IQ.

The speaking panel of Defence IQ's Directed Energy Weapons conference will be lead by Dr Don Erbshloe, Chief Scientist (2-star equivalent), of US Air Mobility Command and Technical Director and Conference Chairman Douglas Beason, Associate Laboratory Director, Los Alamos National Laboratory, both leaders in the field. Chairman Beason states in his book The E-Bomb, “New Directed Energy Weapons will change the way wars will be fought in the future.”

Already due to attend the conference are representatives from major military organisations, top industry & research personnel, and leading institutes worldwide. They will meet to discuss the technological advancements, legal and political considerations, and global impact of the progress of these weapons.

Lucy Reece
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