Companies Incorporated Announces $1 Million Real Estate Credit Program to Create Millionaire Real Estate Investors

Companies Incorporated has created a unique program that turns everyday people into millionaire real estate investors. Companies Incorporated puts into place the strongest resources to maintain a 100% customer satisfaction rate.

Los Angeles, CA, November 23, 2008 --( Companies Incorporated, the parent company of 1-800-COMPANY announces their $1 million real estate credit program designed to turn everyday people into successful millionaire real estate investors. This program is unique in that it provides all of the resources and personalized training necessary to help an entrepreneur succeed. “This is not classroom training,” states Kevin Wessell, CEO of Companies Incorporated and successful real estate investor, “this is real world hands-on training. Companies Incorporated refuses to put together a class room training program that would only gain mediocre results for its clients. There are plenty of classrooms, DVD and online training programs available, but if you are truly serious about getting solid results and want to become a millionaire real estate investor, then you need personalized hands-on one on one training in real life real estate investing situations, by an expert that understands exactly how real estate investing works and how to succeed. This is what we provide to our clients.”

How does Companies Incorporated accomplish a 100% satisfaction rate with their program? By putting in place a complete package for the client that includes resources and products no other company in the nation is offering.

An aged company necessary for the client to obtain corporate credit
$1 million of credit for investing in real estate
Personal one-on-one training in their home town by a millionaire real estate investor and trainer
Additional credit lines for non-real estate purchases

How does the program work? The client receives an aged corporation or LLC. This provides them with the ability to use corporate credit separate from personal credit and asset protection for their investments and personal assets. The client submits real estate purchase proposals for funding. They can receive up to $1 million in secured credit for real estate purchases by a lending institution. In addition, Companies Incorporated has relationships with many additional private lenders that are willing to lend to their clients when they find lucrative real estate investments. These private investors help the client avoid the road blocks that traditional banks now place on real estate investors.

Companies Incorporated provides hands-on training by successful real estate investors that will help their clients find lucrative real estate properties that generate a positive monthly cash flow. These trainers also help the clients negotiate the deals, including obtaining better prices, low or no down payments, better financing terms and even government subsidies where available.

Using this powerful combination of an aged company, corporate credit rather than personal credit, personal real estate investing trainer and the network of lenders and investors eager to fund lucrative real estate bargains, the client has a powerful team in place to help them close deals and begin making money right away.

Companies Incorporated notes that this program is not for everyone. They will not offer this program to someone that does not follow the guidelines and training necessary to succeed or for those that choose poor real estate properties to invest in. In order to continue making the program a success, it’s imperative that every client succeeds and there are steps necessary to follow to ensure every client becomes a successful real estate investor. “This is yet another example of why we don’t use the classroom or DVD model with this program,” emphasizes Mr. Wessell. “With the classroom or DVD model, there is no way to ensure that the client not only understands how real estate investing works, but helping guide them through real life real estate deals from beginning to end as well.”

With the recession closing down most available business opportunities for everyday investors and blocking the opportunities for entrepreneurs to start new businesses, Companies Incorporated has found a solution that not only survives during the recession but thrives in it as well.

For more information about Companies Incorporated $1 million dollar real estate credit program, visit their website titled Shelf Corporations with Established Credit & Existing Credit Lines. There is a great deal of valuable information there about how this program works and why there is a 100% satisfaction rate. Or call Companies Incorporated at: 1-800-COMPANY (1-800-266-7269).

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Established in 1977, Companies Incorporated, the parent company of 1-800-COMPANY serves businesses and individuals by incorporating businesses, providing real estate investing programs, corporate credit services, asset protection programs, tax reduction programs and host of other business services.

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About Kevin Wessell
Kevin Wessell is a nationally renowned business planning expert, real estate investing trainer, seminar speaker and CEO of Companies Incorporated. He has over 17 years experience helping people incorporate businesses, build corporate credit and providing asset protection and wealth building programs.


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