Sport Science Lab Unique Training Methodology Focuses on Feet to Help Prevent Knee Injuries to Female Athletes

Sport Science Lab and its founder, Gavin MacMillan have created a unique training system focuses on the balancing of muscles and proprioception.

San Juan Capistrano, CA, November 26, 2008 --( Female athletes in this country are suffering an inordinate number of knee injuries, particularly ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) injuries. In fact, studies show that female athletes are 5-7 times more likely to sustain a torn ACL than their male counterparts.

Current research agrees that women are built from a different set of blueprints than men and these physiological differences can lead to knee and ankle injuries when these differences are not recognized nor accounted for in training regimens.

As an example, Dr. Laura Losi, director of the bone health program at Children's National Medical Center in Washington, D.C. states that “A woman'spelvis is wider, which is why women's knees go into a knock-kneed position, and the feet tend to roll into a little flat footedness.

Dr.Letha Griffin, an orthopedic surgeon in Atlanta adds, “Girls tend to run, jump, and turn with straighter legs and less bending at the knees and hips than boys. Little girls run more upright while little boys stay low to the ground.”

The Sports Medicine Center in Cincinnati agrees, “Women tend to be very front dominant. They primarily use their quadriceps which means their bodies don't fully activate the muscles on the back side, specifically the hamstrings and the glutes. This imbalance of muscle use ends up putting stress on the ACL.”

The evidence-based, unconventional training at Sport Science Lab provides some answers. “We start by training the feet because of the number of proprioceptors located there and because every athletic move begins with the feet, said Gavin MacMillan Founder & Director of Sport Science Lab.

Our foundational footwork is essentially re-training the athlete which includes proper running mechanics, i.e. Patterning proper movements, running on the balls of their feet---another inherently damaging habit female athletes must overcome is that they run flatfooted---landing softly and using their arms more and more efficiently. Most importantly, we imprint this new foundation before we hit any playing surface” Gavin summarized.

In addition to training facilities in San Juan Capistrano, a series of instructional DVD's has just been released to help stem the epidemic of knee and ankle injuries being incurred by female athletes.

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