ODT Maps Offers Mind-Stretching World Maps for Holiday Gifts – at Budget Prices

Consumers are spending less this holiday season. One map publisher has responding to the grim economic outlook by offering 22 map items for $15 or less. ODT is well known for innovative and thought-provoking maps. Among ODT’s unique offerings are four different mind-stretching maps with South at the top. Price reductions range from 20% - 80%.

Amherst, MA, November 26, 2008 --(PR.com)-- With the economic meltdown, consumers are spending less and less, and making more & more trips to WalMart (or other big box stores) in an attempt to stretch every holiday-gift-dollar. In response to this trend ODT maps of Amherst MA, a publisher of innovative and thought-provoking maps, is offering 22 map items for $15 or less. The theme of this holiday outreach is “Stretch your dollars… stretch your mind.” Price reductions range from 20% - 80% as ODT makes new world views affordable for everyone's gift list.

Odin Wortman, ODT’s web-designer in Maryland, says, “I’m a father and I’m often surprised by how interested my teenagers are in world events. Anything that helps to stimulate a broader world view comes up high on my shopping list.” Learn geography, country shapes, currencies, and world flags with a SNAP deck of 52 cards for only $5. Self-Esteem Passports are another favorite stocking-stuffer for only $6.95. And $25 laminated Population maps have some creases and are selling for 80% off – only $5, while the supply lasts (note these $5 maps are huge at 35” x 52” and will definitely not be able to fit into a stocking). The whole list is at http://odtmaps.com/cheap-gift-ideas.asp . Whether you want a traditional map (like a Mercator) or an innovative map (like the Peters or Hobo-Dyer) you can find just about everything a globally-curious person might want for the holidays. Included in this sale are four different mind-stretching maps with South at the top – how’s that for a new point of view. There’s even a Butterfly world map created by a self-taught nuclear theoretician. The sale also features stickers, magnets, inflatable globes, Peters Atlases and Handbooks, DVDs, and a music CD about geography recorded by a team of synthesized robots. All items on the sale page http://odtmaps.com/cheap-gift-ideas.asp are $15 or less.

Visit their web site at www.ODTmaps.com to see the range of innovative educational resources that appeal to all, grade-schoolers through adults. Many items that ODT posts on the web site are free, like the USA Election Map which they created for the recent presidential election and offered as a downloadable GIF file for the public. See http://odtmaps.com/detail.asp_Q_product_id_E_pres-map-2008 .

Bill Jenkins of Granville Village School in Granville MA recently emailed ODT, “Thanks so very much for your USA election map. We used it extensively in our classes when talking about the election. Keep up the good work; we surely appreciate it.” Other free black & white world outline maps are also available for download at www.ODTmaps.com

ODT’s maps are available at many local book and map stores, as well as at fair trade stores around the US and Canada. Call ODT at 800-736-1293 or email them at odtstore@odt.org to find a retail outlet close to you. Stretch your budget & stretch your mind at www.ODTmaps,com or phone in for the latest specials (many at 50% - 75% discounts). Note: some quantities are limited and only available by phone.

Bob Abramms
Fax: 413-549-3503