Launches Tomorrow. Replaces the Million Word Site

Itzhak Schier, the Chabad Chassidic entrepreneur behind The Million Word Site, wanted to make sure that his loyal customers would get their money's worth when he found that he could not get the proper programming done to update the site. So, he left all the words to date on the old site and also copied them to the new for which his goal is to once again fill the site with one million unique words and phrases.

Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine, November 27, 2008 --( Itzhak Schier, a member of the Chabad Lubavitch Jewish community in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine, who describes himself as a "serial cyberentrepreneur", has relaunched his renowned and successful Million Word Site as It is also the demonstration project for his new venture, SiteProtos, which builds open source websites that serve new businesses and trial projects., which supersedes his original site, combines SEO and page driver capabilities with full blogging, social networking and advertising and promotion features. The theme of filling a simple site with one million linked words has been updated and "brought into a new dimension" with a site that, for a small lifetime fee per word, is a full fledged advertising and promotion marketplace as well as a social interaction and entertainment site.

The site officially launches on Wednesday November 26 at 1:00 PM Eastern Standard Time and Million Word Site words and phrases have already been transfered to the site free of charge.

"I really wanted to see the original site hit a million words, but the content management system I used was not updated properly and it was hard for my programmers to add the features I needed to support such a huge number of words. But I had to find a solution because I had moral and financial responsibilities to my original members that I felt I was not fulfilling properly. Eventually, I found that open source Drupal had the features I needed and I went ahead and redid the site but left the original one up.", is how Itzhak Schier, creator of the site, explains his decision to start all over again. "I had a great thing going and I finally found a way to make sure it keeps going and really becomes a fixture of the Internet as it deserves to be."

Experts give the new site an excellent chance of succeeding. They point to Schier's integrity and reputation for top notch customer service, as well as the lack of properly run, creative marketing and advertising sites.

The goal of the MillionWorDimension site is for users to purchase the right to place a specific and unique word or phrase on the site, and then be able to link it to their own site, or to hold it for possible resale to a new user. In addition, WordMasters, as members are called, can use the site to promote themselves in a number of ways including blogging, profiles, news items, and even additional advertising and selling their merchandise through the site. It also contains social networking features, as many of the original site members are freelance professionals and entrepreneurs who are able to communicate and cooperate with each other via the site.

Itzhak Schier also has several additional new cyberventures planned, which he will launch one by one in the coming weeks. He tracks them on his personal portal

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