MyNextMotor Introduces CarFinder Serviceā„¢, Designed for Busy Professionals Who Need High Quality Vehicles with a Minimum of Fuss and Trouble

Seattle, WA, December 01, 2008 --( Chris Aldridge, CEO and founder of my MyNextMotor.Net, a Seattle-based car broker company, has announced CarFinder™, a new way of buying cars.

Mr. Aldridge, a veteran of the retail and wholesale automotive industry, has recognized several gaps in the traditional car purchasing process. One gap that MyNextMotor seeks to address is the problem of connecting busy professionals with the types of high quality vehicles that they need for their career and lifestyle.

"It becomes a kind of vicious cycle," says Mr. Aldridge, "because they need a good car, but they don't have time to spend hours and often the entire days tramping around car dealerships. So, as a result, they either stay in their current vehicle or more likely they settle on something that might not be right. Often, they buy on impulse simply because they are desperate to get a vehicle."

It is this costly "impulse-buy" that MyNextMotor hopes to mitigate, because this type of purchase always benefits car dealerships, and never the consumer.

When a desperate car buyer steps onto a car lot, the dealership’s sales machine starts right away. Once that sales machine starts, the ordinary car buyer has a hard time stopping it. Car dealerships spend a lot of money on training car salesman to do one thing: making the sale at any cost.

MyNextMotor shields car buyers from the sales machine and lets them look at their car buying process on a more objective level.

"By working with our CarFinder™," says Aldridge, "the car buyer doesn't have to worry about fending off salesmen and managing that sales machine. They can concentrate on the matter at hand, which is… ‘What Would You Like To Drive?’”

Aldridge adds, “It’s hard to make informed decisions when there’s a lot of static and noise. MyNextMotor eliminates all of that static and noise, letting car buyers do what they want to do—buy a car.”


MyNextMotor is a privately owned limited liability company based in Washington State. Franchise opportunities will be available soon with MyNextMotor. All press inquiries should go to: MyNextMotor.Net, Public Relations Department, 1250 Thornton Ave. SW, Pacific, WA 98047 or to Info@MyNextMotor.Net.

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