After 27 Years in the Banking Sector, Jeff Lovejoy Changed His Career Path to Become an ActionCOACH

The meltdown of many financial institutions and the resultant layoffs have created an environment where there are an unusually large number of bankers chasing fewer and less interesting jobs.

Las Vegas, NV, November 28, 2008 --( Master Licensees Pat and Jackie Coan have named Jeff Lovejoy as the newest ActionCOACH in Atlanta, Georgia.

He will initially be working out of his home-office - focusing his marketing efforts in the Atlanta metropolitan area.

After 27 years of working in the corporate world for large banking organizations, Lovejoy wanted to now steer his career toward a new path where he could follow his passion and also significantly increase his wealth.

“I had reached a point of time when I wanted to work in an environment that played to my strengths - relationship building, communications, sales and client focus - while also taking my career along a completely different path,” he said. “I also wanted to learn new content, new processes and aspired for something that was completely different from my previous appointments at Wachovia and Bank of America.”

Lovejoy spent his entire life in the banking sector. He worked at Bank of America for 23 years selling, and managing sales teams as well as managing a team charged with increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of sales processes.

During his tenure at Bank of America, Lovejoy developed and implemented a proposal creation team to actively manage the content and packaging of the bank’s responses to clients’ and prospects’ Request for Proposals- while reducing proposal creation time 30-50%.

“I also served as project manager for a targeted sales initiative that generated over $155 million in new sales and led a project that increased division revenue by $56 million and $4.8 billion in assets,” he said. “During my entire career, I led sales teams that consistently exceeded annual sales goals by anywhere from 14 – 39%.”

At Wachovia, Lovejoy managed a team focused on creating efficiencies in the sales process - designing a more efficient proposal creation process to create superior proposals. In addition to this, he managed the Treasury Services Division (US $2.8 billion in revenue) internal communications team. He also served as Project Manager for a marketing initiative, which increased average sales by 27% through the adoption of a targeted marketing strategy. Lovejoy left a highly successful banking career to join ActionCOACH.

“The meltdown of many financial institutions and the resultant layoffs have created an environment where there are an unusually large number of bankers chasing fewer and less interesting jobs,” he said. “What excited me most about my new career with ActionCOACH is the breadth and quality of help I’ll be able to provide business owners; I will now have an opportunity to help people improve the quality of their lives.”

Lovejoy was impressed by ActionCOACH.

“The role of a typical ActionCOACH is aligned with my interests and skills,” he said. “ActionCOACH will provide me with the perfect chance to do well while pursuing a different career and it will also present a fabulous learning opportunity – unlike any other franchise I was considering.”

A member of the Metropolitan Atlanta Chamber of Commerce, Lovejoy is also a member of a local BNI (Business Networking Institute) chapter and the AACA (Ashford Alliance Community Association), which is an alliance of neighborhoods in his county – responsible for monitoring the proposed development and transportation projects that have an impact on the quality of life in the area.

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