The Davco Twin-Cut Sawmill Wins Prestigious National Engineering Award of Excellence

The Davco Twin-Cut—designed for seriously portable sawmilling, with a high level of reliability—wins award from national design association.

Grande Prairie, Canada, November 29, 2008 --( Davco Solutions Inc. has received a prestigious 2008 Engineering Award of Excellence from The Design Exchange for their Davco Twin-Cut Mobile Automated Sawmill.

“We’re very honoured to receive this design award from The Design Exchange,” says Janet Plante, general manager of Davco Solutions. “We feel this award recognizes the tremendous amount work and the high level of design and engineering that went into the Davco Twin-Cut.”

The Design Exchange is recognized internationally as a centre of design excellence for Canada. It is Canada’s Design Museum and center for design research and education.

“There really is nothing like the Twin-Cut out there in the market,” said Plante. “Our goal was to fill the gap between the smaller portable sawmills and a large stationary operation. We really feel there is a need in the market for a high production portable sawmill and the Twin-Cut fills that need.”

In these challenging times for the forest industry, being a successful sawmiller can come down to being an efficient producer of wood products for niche markets.

And that’s exactly what this new—and now award-winning—portable, twin-cut sawmill from Alberta’s Davco Solutions Inc. has proven it can deliver, and deliver in the toughest bush conditions.

Jeff Pearce, the company’s sales associate for western North America, added that the Davco Twin-Cut allows sawmillers to turn out products for the all-important niche markets. “The Twin Cut is extremely efficient at turning out dimensional lumber, but its flexibility makes it ideal for producing specialty wood sizes and products.”

The Davco Twin-Cut is a very mobile, high production sawmill that features circular saw technology capable of cutting in both directions. The Twin-Cut is ideal for on site, in-the-woods, timber processing.

After four years of in-field work with the prototype, the new production model Twin-Cut is capable of producing 20,000 board feet per shift on a consistent basis with a three person crew; an operator, a loader man and a lumber piler.

More information about the Davco Twin-Cut Mobile Automated Sawmill is available online, at

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