‘Vegans Can’t Eat Anything!’ Says Author

Parbold Lancashire, United Kingdom, November 30, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Lancashire author Catherine Greenall has written her first cookbook, ‘Vegans Can’t Eat Anything!’ which is published by Lulu and available now on Lulu.com. It will also be available from all major booksellers. The author recognises the challenges sometimes experienced in catering for vegans and so decided to share her own recipes. The titles of the book and chapters originate from what some restaurants actually said when asked for their vegan options.

Catherine Greenall worked for years as a government scientist before turning to writing fiction and cookery books. As a long term vegan, she decided to write the 134 page glossy vegan cookbook. Her cooking skills were learned from her mother. The recipes range from regional Lancashire fare to international dishes.

Talking about his own new project ‘Ministry of Food’ and the ‘Pass It On’ movement, Jamie Oliver recently said: “Although there are loads of great things to say about the state of cooking and food in this country, there are also quite a few negatives. We Brits have one of the highest obesity rates in Europe; we love our ready meals and takeaways and seem to be eating more of them than ever. We really seem to have lost the plot a bit when it comes to passing on our cooking skills from generation to generation - so much so, that some of the people I met in my cooking classes while filming the TV show didn't know how to mash a potato.... once you’ve mastered a recipe I want you teach it to two more people and then ask them to teach it to someone else. In other words… Pass It On!”

Catherine Greenall is already part of a ‘Pass It On’ chain with knowledge passed on from her grandmother to her mother, then to her. She is continuing by passing on these recipes to everyone who buys the book. The book is fully illustrated in glossy colour and the instructions are clear and easy to follow. It is not necessary to be vegan to enjoy the dishes, which are all designed to be healthy and balanced nutritionally.

Catherine Greenall
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