MyLadyWebs Free Gift Giveaway Opens November 28, 2008 with Over 100 Downloadable Gifts from Around the World

MyLadyWeb' s Free Gift Giveaway opens to the public on Black Friday November 28, 2008 with contributions of downloadable gifts and regiftables from online marketers around the world who want to promote their business and charitable websites to the general public in an old-fashioned fun-filled free-sample giveaway.

Johnson City, TN, November 30, 2008 --( If MyLadyWeb's Free Gift Giveaway and it's gifts are all online, why call MyLadyWeb's Free Gift Giveaway old-fashioned? Because the name and venue may be updated, but the concepts involved date back to ancient times. Whether you call it a bazaar, street fair, festival, flea market, main street, shopping mall or online giveaway, it is still just a marketing cooperative founded on co-location.

Why Co-location? Because there is strength in numbers and when you join together with a common goal, especially online, both your visibility and your viability grow exponentially. And, of course, that is great news for the both the general public and the online world because it all boils down to lots and lots of great free gifts all in one handy, easy to find and access location.

Why Free Gifts? Giving away a promotional sample, or in this case, more often than not, a full sized product to advertise your wares is also an age-old concept modernized for the virtual world. The samples and freebies are generally electronic or virtual but since the visitor gets to pick and choose, absolutely free, the ones that suit their individual interest or needs, virtual and electronic still add up to valuable free gifts for anyone who chooses to come and visit.

Co-location and Promotional Gifts.... Combine these two time-honored marketing ideas and you have an online giveaway--i.e. co-location and lots of free traffic-drawing attractions for the common good of all involved, including the lucky recipients of all these free gifts.

The theme of MyLadyWeb's Free Gift Giveaway is gifts from around the world, as Online Marketers use this opportunity to think outside the box and provide a gift with broad appeal that serves the dual purpose of promoting their business or even favorite charity or website, and providing their visitors with a pleasantly memorable experience. With the holiday season fast upon us, contributors have been encouraged to provide a unique gift whose source will be fondly remembered in the days to come, or whose gift will be happily and proudly passed along to friends, family and other interested parties by the recipient.

The doors open to the online public November 28, 2008 and found within MyLadyWeb's Free Gift Giveaway are dozens and dozens of the following types of Family Friendly free gifts...

~ Ebooks, ranging from informational and educational to vintage, charming, and just plain fun.

~ Software, dozens of different software programs serving a variety of needs.

~ Graphics, useful in the world of IM and beyond.

~ Templates, websites, graphic and other regiftables.

~ Memberships, to websites and free access to a variety of online services

~ With MyLadyWeb's Free Gift Giveaway people from around the world are sharing their gifts...

Open To The Public: November 28.

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Teresa Thomas Bohannon