Fundraising Through Games

Vancouver, Canada, November 29, 2008 --( The JW Inglis Elementary School Parent Advisory Committee and Starlit Citadel (; an online board games store are working together to hold a fundraising evening of board games on Wednesday, December 3, 2008 at JW Inglis Elementary School.

“This is a brand new fundraising venture for the school and one that we are very excited about. We love the idea of selling games as a fundraiser as it is not only an educational past-time, but it also encourages family and social interaction,” said Jennifer Greenwood, Vice-President of the JW Inglis Elementary School Parent Advisory Committee. “We look forward to seeing the children and their family members at this combined games night and bake sale.”

“Introducing board games to children encourages critical thinking and math skills at an early age. Furthermore, it is an environment that emphasizes interaction and competition which an entire family can participate in,” said CEO Tao Wong of Starlit Citadel.

“Supporting the JW Inglis Elementary School’s Game Night is a great way to give back to the community through the introduction of these popular board games and the encouragement of this traditional past-time. We look forward to working with JW Inglis and any other schools that would like to hold a fundraiser of this form.”

With over 700 board games available, Starlit Citadel supplies board games throughout Canada and has been in business since 2007. The game night in Lumby is the first such fundraiser it has supported.

JW Inglis Elementary School in Lumby is part of School District 22 in the Okanagan region of British Columbia. All parents & primary caregivers of children at JW Inglis are members of the Parent Advisory Committee (PAC). The members of the PAC organize in-school programs such as the Call-Back Program and the Hot Lunch Program which run throughout the school year. They offer fundraising events such as the yearly Family Fun Night, Game Night, the Spring Dance, and the Lumby Days Silent Auction. As well, the PAC also provides support within the school and the community for many other events and initiatives. The main goal is to enrich the experiences of children both at school and in the community. The funds raised are used to support things such as (but not limited to): swimming lessons, ice skating, field trips, technology, literacy support, fine arts, scholarships, and many other school-wide initiatives at JW Inglis Elementary School.

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