Columbus Personal Trainer Wants Moms to Get Rid of That Baby Fat Forever

Yun is calling out mom’s who recently had a baby to join his Fitness Boot Camp Program to help them get back into shape and lose that 'baby fat.'

Columbus, OH, December 03, 2008 --( Jason Yun, a local fat loss expert and sports nutritionist, recently started his Yun Fitness Boot Camps program in July earlier this year. The program is geared towards both men and women. Participants so far have experienced fabulous results. Fat loss and getting back into shape is what most of the members are there for. But Yun is calling out mom’s who recently had a baby to join his program.

“During pregnancy a lot can happen during those nine months,” says Jason Yun, Owner and Founder of Yun Strength and Fitness Systems, LLC. “ Most women forget about their fitness routines during pregnancy, but they really shouldn’t, it will just make it that much harder after pregnancy to lose that extra baby fat. The workouts I put together for my boot camp classes are perfect for women trying to lose that extra pregnancy body fat that they put on. The workouts are based on interval training, which has scientifically been proven to burn up to 9 times more body fat than regular aerobic exercise. Combine that with the super supportive atmosphere and the nutrition classes and handouts I provide, moms will have no trouble getting back into pre-pregnancy shape in no time!”

What’s truly remarkable about Yun Fitness Boot Camps is the fact that it erases the myth that exercise has to be boring and repetitive to be effective. No workout is ever the same. “There are 1000’s of exercises to choose from. Different exercises shock the body. When the body is shocked regularly, you burn more fat, build more lean muscle, increase your metabolism to super speeds, lose more weight, you never get bored, and you will look better naked in no time! That’s our guarantee to you,” says Yun.

What makes Yun’s Boot Camp different from others out there is the fact that he offers a cohesive nutrition program, Metabolism Makeover, to compliment the boot camps. “ Nutrition is about 70% the weight and fat loss battle. I don’t want new moms or anybody failing at their health and fitness goals, especially if they come to see me. That’s why I decided to offer the Metabolism Makeover in conjunction with the Boot Camp.”

Yun Fitness Boot Camps promises you better results in less time for a third the cost of regular one-on-one personal training. Plus, they offer a free two-week trial to all new campers. For more information about Yun Fitness Boot Camps and the Metabolism Makeover please visit or call 614-432-9703.

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Jason Yun