Ashworth College Students Get Vocal on New Virtual Politics Forum

Ashworth College’s online Student Forum, the Politics Forum has quickly grown, with active members discussing everything from political candidates to issues personally impacting students on national and regional levels.

Norcross, GA, December 03, 2008 --( In the days and weeks leading up to the recent elections, Ashworth College students found a new venue for expressing views and exchanging ideas – the Ashworth Politics Club.

Established in September ’08 in Ashworth’s online Student Forum, the Politics Forum has quickly grown, with active members discussing everything from views on specific candidates to issues personally impacting students on a national and regional level.

“We live in country where we are free to get onto a forum and freely speak of our beliefs,” said Jessica Hinckle, an Ashworth Business Administration student from Acworth, GA. “As students we should be proud that regardless of our personal political views, we can become involved with this thread. And whether other students agree with me or not, participation and being active in this particular online community shows that students care about our school and our country!”

Voter turnout has been one of the most active threads to date, with an impressive number of students discussing why the right to vote remains an important part of American life. An even more robust topic chronicles Forum members discussing how the recent presidential election will impact the future. To date the thread has received more than 1,300 views.

“What’s impressive is that the members don’t simply use the Politics Forum as a place to vent,” said Ryan Rode, Ashworth Interactive Services Manager. “While they are very candid with their views, students regularly attach relevant articles and news posts to support their arguments. This approach allows other readers to formulate educated, well rounded opinions on the issues.”

“Our students are very passionate about their views,” Rode added. “In fact, some discussions have been known to get rather heated. But it’s great to see the participants expressing themselves.”

Ashworth’s administration was pleased to discover this grassroots initiative on the Student Forum. As a distance learning institution, Ashworth College, along with Ashworth Career School and Ashworth High School, operates without many of the trappings associated with the traditional brick and mortar school, i.e., classrooms, sports, etc. However, through its development of social communities and active partnering with administration and students, Ashworth is working to minimize that gap.

The Ashworth Politics Club is just one of several student-driven initiatives that developed within the Ashworth online communities. To date, students recently established a Forensic Science Club, student newspaper, identified the school’s first mascot as well as establishing online fraternities and sororities.

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