Reliable Energy from Mixed-Substrate, Waste-to-Energy Co-Digesters is Coming to the United States

The production of electric and thermal energies from anaerobic digestion is a proven, carbon-neutral technology that has been thoroughly refined in Europe. The technology has progressed from manure-only systems on farms to systems that process all sorts of digestible feedstocks, turning wastes into usable energy.

Rensselaer, NY, December 03, 2008 --( Digester technology has made great strides. In the United States, many so-called “digesters” have been implemented for manure management purposes, with the added benefit of some energy production. Now, MWK is introducing state-of-the-art “mixed-substrate co-digesters” that consistently produce both usable electricity and heat from a wide variety of feedstocks.

The MWK know-how and technology can benefit anyone that produces a digestible waste stream: Food and beverage processors, supermarkets, restaurants, entire communities. “Our systems can take your organic waste and turn it into electric and thermal energies that can be used to support other processes or consumed somewhere else,” states Sylke Chesterfield, Director, U.S. Operations for MWK Biogas North America Corp. “As a matter of fact, entire communities in Europe are independent of any outside source of energy; biogas plays a vital role in their energy portfolio, as it is one alternative energy that can be stored and consumed as needed.”

When compared to other methane-to-energy systems, MWK biogas facilities are different. “Our systems surpass other digester designs in terms of output, as they are designed with a low parasitic load. They can also be sensored throughout, allowing for continual monitoring and logging of all processes, some of which can also be remotely accessed and controlled,” states Matthias Wackerbauer, CEO and Chief Technologist.

MWK designers have developed, designed and implemented over 300 digester facilities in Europe. MWK is currently working with a number of developers and municipalities in various states to implement its technologies.


About Biogas: Biogas refers to the gas that is generated when organic matter is “digested” in an anaerobic environment. It is a natural process that occurs on ocean floors and swamp bottoms. The produced gas contains primarily methane, and it can be stored and used as fuel in specially designed co-generation units that produce electricity and heat.

About MKW Biogas North America Corp.: “MWK” designs innovative, efficient and reliable waste-to-energy, mixed-substrate digester systems. MWK’s fermentation process technology is state-of-the-art, has many environmental benefits and no disadvantages, does not compete with food crops, can be monitored throughout, can produce on and off-peak loads, and play a vital role in decentralizing electric and thermal energy production. For more information, please visit
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