The Dysfunctional Relationship Manual: A Checklist and Workbook by Stanley Giannet, Ph.D.

Cathedral Rhapsody Press, LLC. announces the publication of a compelling new book by Stanley M. Giannet, Ph.D., "The Dysfunctional Relationship Manual: A Checklist and Workbook." (ISBN: 978-0-61523539-4)

Tampa, FL, December 03, 2008 --( "The Dysfunctional Relationship Manual" provides a penetrating opportunity for readers to thoughtfully reflect on their relationships and identify issues that might be inhibiting relationship growth and individual satisfaction with the relationship. This book will serve as a catalyst for meaningful change, choice, and ultimately, growth. It will stimulate and challenge readers to inquire and contemplate on vitally important areas that are the basis of healthy relationships.

The "Dysfunctional Relationship Manual" contains a series of 240 provocative, introspective questions based on several categories of relationship dysfunction. These questions will help readers determine if they are in a healthy or dysfunctional interpersonal relationship. Depending on responses to these questions and the total checklist score, readers will determine where their relationship stands on Giannet's scale of dysfunction. Additionally, the book provides opportunities for reader reflections and offers insights for relationship enhancement.

This book is truly a tour de force for the self-help movement! Many mental health professionals prescribe the "Dysfunctional Relationship Manual" to their clients as a source for strengthening interpersonal effectiveness.

Drawing on his profound clinical knowledge and experience, Dr. Stanley Giannet unmasks the slings and arrows of painful relationships and provides the identification and reflection tools necessary for life-altering self-discovery and insight.

About The Author:

Dr. Stanley Giannet holds a Ph.D. in clinical psychology from Walden University (1994). He is the Provost of the North Campus of Pasco-Hernando Community College, Principal Partner of Giannet Consulting Services, Inc., an organizational and healthcare consulting corporation, and an Affiliate Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine, University of South Florida College of Medicine. He lectures extensively on a variety of topics to national and international audiences, and is actively involved in consultation, research and community advocacy and service. He actively advocates for the disenfranchised and the suffering.

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The Dysfunctional Relationship Manual: A Checklist and Workbook
Author: Stanley M. Giannet, Ph.D.
Publisher: Cathedral Rhapsody Press, LLC.
Cheyenne, Wyoming and Tampa, Florida
ISBN: 978-0-61523539-4
US $ 21.95

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