DiUlus Scholars to Attend College Tuition Free

Washington, DC, December 05, 2008 --(PR.com)-- DiUlus Scholars are being selected from men and women with exceptional academic credentials to attend the DiUlus Institute, a 2.0 technology oriented, tuition free, international research institution of higher learning. In January 2009, the Institute expects to welcome the first DiUlus Scholars to begin their graduate studies. One hundred fifty learners are to be selected over the next two years as DiUlus Scholars.

To be eligible to be nominated as a DiUlus Scholar individuals must be nominated from United Nations member states identified as developing countries or from specially identified groups of United States citizens. Eligible US citizens include current members of the United States Armed Forces posted in Iraq and Afghanistan, senior citizens over 70 years of age living exclusively on Social Security, and native American Indians living on Indian lands with a personal income below the US poverty level.

Additional criteria required of scholar applicants include submission of all transcripts of previous college work, GRE or GMAT test scores, written recommendations and an expansive essay. The essay, according to credential and validation expert Kim Parsons, should be a reflective essay. "We want to know how being a DiUlus Scholar will help the applicant achieve his or her goals. Once achieved, what will they do to contribute, in kind, back to their community?"

The DiUlus Institute was created and originally funded by Global Academy Online, university online builders, as an experimental college. As a result, DiUlus Scholars have the advantage of being able to have at their fingertips the latest in web 2.0 technology innovations. This includes attending class and accessing the Institute's extensive research libraries from anywhere in the world day or night, 24/7. Global Academy envisioned the Institute as a beacon for other institutions and a progressive example of the latest in advanced online higher education pedagogy.

LaFonda Oliver-Bowen, Director of Communications, notes that Professor Fred DiUlus, CEO and Founder of Global Academy Online, Inc and its twelve year old non-profit think tank, the Center for Ethics in Free Enterprise, is credited with being the spark behind the creation and development of the innovative higher education Institute. She points out that among the institution's goals is the requirement that "DiUlus Scholars possess and sustain a driving ambition to do good in the world."

The DiUlus Institute and scholars supports the principals of the Billion Dollar Project, a global initiative dedicated to the elimination of ignorance in the world.

Global Academy Online, Inc.
LaFonda Oliver