Former NAFA President, Patsy Brownson, Retires from Cox Enterprises, Inc.

Patsy Brownson, former NAFA President and long-time member of the Association, has announced her retirement from Cox Enterprises, Inc where she was Manager, Fleet Relations.

Princeton, NJ, December 04, 2008 --( Long-time NAFA Member and former President, fleet professional Patsy Brownson, CAFM, announced her retirement from Cox Enterprises, Inc today. Brownson has been with Cox, one of the nation's leading media companies and providers of automotive services, for the past 22 years, first taking a position as fleet manager.

Brownson became a Member of NAFA in 1978. Brand-new and unfamiliar to the fleet industry, Brownson turned to the help of several fleet colleagues who said one word that would help her run a fleet: NAFA. “They mentioned that NAFA would help me learn how to handle the fleet and answer any questions I would have,” stated Brownson.

Without hesitation, Brownson joined NAFA and within two years, she was already taking her first position in NAFA -- a first of many to come -- as Secretary of her local chapter, the Southwest Chapter. There, she realized the true value of NAFA and became more involved on the grassroots level.

As Brownson became more involved with NAFA, she was promoted to Fleet Director of Cox Enterprises and held that position for 10 years. During this time, she also held a steady stream of positions in NAFA, including several Board of Trustee titles and was President of NAFA from 1993-1995. Brownson remembers having a number of specific goals that she wanted to accomplish in her term.

“The biggest change was taking the annual NAFA Conference to the next level and shaping it as the Fleet Management Institute,” said Brownson. “That it was more of an educational experience. I thought it was important to really promote the educational aspect of NAFA, including the Certified Automotive Fleet Manager (CAFM) program.” Brownson prides in the fact that, not only was she one of the first NAFA female Presidents, she was also the first President to receive her CAFM designation.

With an abundance of fleet knowledge under her belt, Brownson moved to the fleet relations aspect of Cox Enterprises, Inc. and became Manager, Fleet Relations, a position she holds to this day. Her fleet experience was invaluable in over 40 different positions held at NAFA throughout her career. Her recent commitment to NAFA’s Branding Oversight Committee has proven successful with NAFA’s re-branding effort in the past two years.

“It was exciting to be a part of the re-branding effort and to see the overall changing of the name and logo,” said Brownson. “It was perfect timing, a time when the industry was changing and we needed to take this Association to the next level. We wanted to make it hit home – this is the place for fleet! NAFA is constantly changing and moving forward in the fleet industry.”

Brownson’s 30 year dedication to both the industry and NAFA is priceless and has truly changed the future of the Association. “NAFA is family,” said Brownson. “Once you get in this business, it gets in your blood and it’s more than a career. NAFA has helped make me the fleet manager I am today and taught me the value of giving back as much as I take in.”

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