PMI Unveils New Capillary Condensation Flow Porometer

New instrument to help pharmaceutical, biotechnological & filtration companies in characterizing porous membranes without the harmful effects of high pressure or extreme temperatures.

Ithaca, NY, December 04, 2008 --( The PMI Capillary Condensation Flow Porometer passes vapor through a sample held in the sample chamber. The pressure of the vapor is increased until vapor condenses in some of the pores, thus stopping the flow of the vapor through these pores. Pore size is determined by the pressure at which the vapor condenses into the pores, and pore distribution is determined from the vapor flow rate due to a small imposed pressure gradient.

The PMI Capillary Condensation Flow Porometer has the unique ability to measure gas permeability and flow rate distribution in addition to measuring pore diameter of nanopore samples without using any toxic materials or extreme pressures and temperatures. No other instrument has such capabilities. It is utilized for characterization of porous membranes used in many industries such as: Biotechnology & Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Filtration, Food & Beverage, and Environmental without any fear of harmful effects of high pressures and extreme temperatures on samples. Fragile samples with small pores can be easily evaluated by this technique.

The machine has the following features:

Fully automated, simple to use & very little operator involvement
Highly reproducible & accurate
Pressure required is very small.
Normally liquid nitrogen temperatures are not required
A wide variety of samples can be investigated
No toxic material like mercury is used. No health hazard. No disposal related cost.

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Porous Materials, Inc.
Albert Teal