BI Incorporated’s Point in Time Helps Connect GPS Tracked Offenders to Crime

Boulder, CO, December 04, 2008 --( In a significant enhancement to its Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking software for criminal offenders, BI Incorporated can now help corrections agencies to know if individuals on GPS tracking were near a crime when it was committed. This new report capability, called Point In Time, was added to the sophisticated BI ExacuTrack® software.

Point In Time allows users to enter in specific search terms like “time,” “date,” “address” and “client” to determine if any corresponding GPS points are found within a certain area of interest – where a crime may have been committed, for example.

“With this report, we are able to help agencies view GPS data on any offender that we are tracking at the time, to see if there is a connection to a particular crime. This allows the supervising agency – in concert with local law enforcement – to know with certainty whether a supervised individual was in a particular location during an exact time frame,” said Bruce Thacher, president and CEO, BI Incorporated.

GPS tracking systems are typically used by probation, parole or pretrial service agencies to closely monitor certain high-risk offenders who have been released to community supervision. GPS tracking systems maintain rigorous schedules, curfews and “zones,” areas where each monitored individual must stay within or are prohibited to enter.

BI has two GPS tracking systems today, BI ExacuTrack and BI ExacuTrack AT. ExacuTrack is considered a passive system, meaning the GPS data is relayed to the supervising officer when the person returns home, while ExacuTrack AT is considered an active system and relays GPS data to the supervising officer continuously. With both systems, supervising officers get highly detailed maps, generated with Microsoft Virtual Earth or MapPoint. BI’s Point In Time report is available with ExacuTrack and ExacuTrack AT.

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Established in 1978, BI Incorporated is the leading location monitoring technology and supervision company in community corrections today. BI has contracts with more than 1,000 governmental agencies, supporting them with a full continuum of offender monitoring technologies and community-based counseling, treatment services, and reentry programs for adult and juvenile offenders. BI’s national monitoring center, owned and operated by BI, provides 24/7 expert support supervision services exclusively for governmental agencies. BI works closely with local public corrections officials to cost effectively reduce recidivism and promote public safety.

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