BAI’s Wiegand Isolator Successfully Eliminates Grounding Issues

Winter Springs, FL, December 05, 2008 --( Barcode Automation, Inc. (BAI), the leading manufacturer of barcode readers and decals in the access control industry, is introducing their Wiegand isolator, a simple but innovative module that eliminates any grounding issues between the barcode readers and access control panels.

BAI has been tracking an issue at existing installations in the field; sites were suddenly experiencing problems in communication between the barcode reader and the access control panel months after they had been installed.

Investigations revealed that grounding problems, which usually require extensive and costly rewiring, were the culprit. Although problem sites are few and far between, BAI was quick to not only fix the problem, but to prevent it from happening in the future.

A less costly alternative was to isolate the barcode reader ground from the access panel. The end result is the Wiegand isolator, a small module that is installed between the barcode reader and the access control or telephone entry system, eliminating grounding issues that may create communication problems.

There are many benefits to BAI’s Wiegand isolator:

- It eliminates grounding issues. There is no direct wire connection between the reader and the access control panel. Instead, an opto-isolator allows for smooth data transfer between systems without the possibility of grounding problems resulting from direct wire connections.

- It’s easy to install. The Wiegand isn’t difficult to install; just connect three wires to the barcode reader and three wires to the access control panel and it’s ready to go.

- It’s compatible with all barcode readers manufactured by BAI, as well as all known access controllers, without any reconfiguration.

- It has superior lightning and surge protection. The Wiegand isolator can withstand up to a 2500 voltage surge, helping to protect equipment from damage by electrical surges and lightning.

The addition of the Wiegand isolator to BAI’s product line reinforces the company’s commitment to provide effective and reliable access control solutions for both businesses and residential communities. Since 1997, BAI has been a leader in vehicle identification and access control systems.

For more information on the Wiegand isolator, contact BAI at (800) 528-9167.

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