Ucanlist.com Market Times Crush Those of Brick and Mortar Real Estate Companies

Time and time again Ucanlist.com bucks the traditional real estate market not only by selling listings faster than brick and mortar realtors, but by saving home owners tens of thousands of dollars in the process.

Boston, MA, December 05, 2008 --(PR.com)-- From coast to coast, flat fee real estate is quickly becoming the booming niche in the industry. Realtors have always emphasized the importance of total market exposure through the multiple listing services (MLS) when selling a home. New research now validates that home sellers that used www.Ucanlist.com are experiencing market times that blow the brick and mortar companies away.

Ucanlist.com has released market results showing that homes listed with them were selling much faster than they had if they were listed with a traditional real estate company. To prove it, Ucanlist.com president Tom Carter showcases 6 properties that were all on the market with various national franchises and in each and every case Ucanlist.com beat the franchise hands down. The results will be posted on the website.

Thomas McCarthy, owner of TTC Realty Trust stated “one property in particular was listed with a very prestigious firm for well over 8 months and failed to sell. After building this project, my loan was costing me over $5,000 a month. I found www.Ucanlist.com and decided to give it a try. I was absolutely stunned when I got the call and we had a buyer in 20 days. Since then he as listed 6 more of his projects with Ucanlist.com and has saved well over $100,000 in realtor commissions.”

“The first time it happened we were thrilled for our client, but we viewed it as an anomaly. Then it kept happening over and over.” said Carter.

Ucanlist.com market times crush traditional real estate companies.

These results add positive momentum to the current Massachusetts real estate market and surrounding areas.

The whole concept was designed to be friendly to the consumer at every turn. It was also designed to be friendly to the industry as well. Some people view it as taking business away from the traditional real estate firms, but with targeting properties that are for sale by owner (FSBO’s) Ucanlist.com is actually making commission dollars available that were never there before.

What is the difference in listing your house on the web versus a brick and mortar firm?

“Time and money” stated Tom Carter, president of Ucanlist.com. “Our results show how listing your house with Ucanlist.com can add substantial impact to your bottom line.” Our findings continue to impress and “we” strive to make continued positive contributions toward advancing this market segment.

“There is more to this business than meets the eye”, said Carter. Knowing your clients needs is a necessary detail in the whole process and this is where traditional real estate marketing and web based marketing sometimes part ways.

Ucanlist.com allows all of its clients to be in charge of their own listing from start to finish. Ucanlist.com will offer advice only when asked, such as to never have an open house at the same time the Patriots are playing, and Ucanlist.com does not try to convert them to full service listings.

Ucanlist.com wants clients to totally understand what they are doing, and be comfortable with the decisions that they make for themselves.

For more information about Ucanlist.com and flat fee real estate listings visit www.Ucanlist.com or call 617-925-4007.

Tom Carter