NUI’s Multi-Touch Technology Showcased on Behalf of MGEN in Paris

NUI's Multi-touch technology used to showcase drawings made and selected by famous drawers such like Plantu, Cabu and many others at the exhibition in Paris.

Skellefteå, Sweden, December 06, 2008 --( byVOLTA, the partner of Natural User Interface(NUI) from France, showcased an interactive multi-touch table developed in Sweden by NUI, for an exhibition for MGEN (Mutual Générale de l'éducation nationale) in Paris, France. L’éducation nationale is the ministry in charge of schools and education.

MGEN is the France's premier mutual health insurance group that deals with complementary health insurance for the employees of the French education system.

As NUI has a strong focus on the educational sector, this demonstration, which was taken care of by byVOLTA, fits perfectly in the current portfolio of NUI and adds to the long track record of successful projects related to the educational sector.

The stand was about “cartooning for peace”, so as by byVOLTA's request, consultation and close collaboration, NUI developed a customized multi-touch software solution, which included many drawings made and selected by famous drawers such like Plantu, Cabu and many others.

The children and other visitors could discover those drawings in a very appealing matter by interacting with it in natural and intuitive way. They could also draw and save their own drawings on the multi-touch table.

Harry van der Veen, NUI CEO stated: "We are always excited to work together with byVOLTA on challenging projects for their high profile clients. The client was very satisfied with the result, so byVOLTA and NUI achieved their goal. We are looking forward to work on the next project with byVOLTA, as their projects and clients always have special requirements, which is very interesting for us to be involved in, as their clients raise the bar. It is great to see so much trust from our partner to keep continue using our products in their projects."

About NUI:
Natural User Interface Europe Ltd. (NUI) is a Swedish innovative emerging technology company specializing in commercially available advanced multi-touch software, hardware and service solutions to its worldwide clients.. NUI's solutions can convert an ordinary surface into an interactive, appealing and intelligent display that creates a stunning user experience.

About byVOLTA:
byVOLTA specializes in indentity definitions, offering companies to develop spaces by using sensory aid.byVOLTA develops creative and interactive animations that stimulate sense (smell sense, hearing, sight, touch) with innovative technologies like intuitive interactive navigation, augmented reality (AR), by creating interactive floors or walls. They create « senspaces » where consumers are fully immersed, allowing brands brands to enhance their visibility and consolidate their reputation.

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